Great Vault PvP

This is why I don’t gamble IRL - because I get the short end of the stick every time. Gloves - already got them, slippers - already have the crafted pair, Ooooo a weapon!!! - one hand sickle with crit instead of the mace with mastery or staff.




I think this is why they’re removing PvP drops from the vault next expansion.

RNG gearing isn’t fair in a competition. One player gets weapons and whatnot while another player gets useless duplicates.


Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s fun every week to “pull the lever” and see what’s inside. But when others get Mastery Staff first pull and the rest of us are like wth it feels bad man

More than 550 conquest after first week would help.


Proponents of Cata->Wod’s system of gearing got shot down hard by Legion fanboys and have been downvoted/lambasted til Blizz finally folded to remove RNG next xpac.

3 expansions, 7 years of this.

LOL, yea…

And literally ever piece of pve feral gear I’ve received had critical strike on it even though my talents are all focused mostly on bleeds and my current gear has almost 0 crit on it. My bank is filled with 6 pieces of crit feral gear ranging from veteran to champion quality.

But I’m putting all that crit gear in the bank to give it a try when I switch talents. But that’s much further down the line.

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Also nerf the cost of weapons. FFS 2handers only have stats of a helmet and auto attacks are barely any amount of DPS anymore, combined with AP being 4x more weighted for weapon damage anyways.

got mah weapon and my 2 set bonus, thats my luck for the rest of the year

  1. I don’t mind restricting conquest every week. This prevents casual players from moving too far behind.
  2. The Great Vault system needs to give a reliable reward. Like if you get 3 useless pieces you should be able to convert a useless piece into conquest or something at bare minimum. Or else you are just 1 piece behind everyone else.
  3. Overall the gearing system in DF is farrr superior to Wod and before. Buying conquest gear feels super rewarding and crafting your own gear with your stats actually lets you do some cool unique builds. A lot of people complain about it all but this gear system doesn’t even compare to past expansions. Crafting is incredibly popular and rewarding.

In retail atm I’m a frankenstein of WPvP epics, tier pieces and craftables and highly inoptimized because of useless stats like crit on tier sets.

WoD you picked exactly what you wanted and got it. Stack all the stats you want, full control.

Even ashran could drop totally unique pieces with scrambled stats for full horizontal prog.

AND all your Rated stuff was bought for honor by mid season if you kept up.

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Either let us reroll stats on gear or get rid of dam versatility.
The fact that everyone just ends up crafting all their gear with haste mastery anyway for pvp is just so strange and it makes no sense.

Like we start out with 30% vers from honor gear and slowly replace pvp gear with craftd gear to actually have viable stats

You guys know that you can take issue with something in the game without completely lying and coming up with some insane exaggeration.

You have absolutely benefited from the positive luck of the draw via the vault likely a handful of times.

Is RNG stupid? Yeah, I think it is, and they’re addressing this in the next expac; we won’t have to deal with vault RNG anymore in PvP.

But please stop with the feeling like you need to lie to make your point it’s actually so annoying.

wait what?

my evoker got tier piece/ring and weapon

warrior got proc trinket/gloves and helmet non tier

think the game is telling me something :dracthyr_a1:

dont feel bad on my new alt disc priest I had the conquest chest already to be turned into tier after hitting 1600 and then picked the tier chest from my vault not paying attention. yet somehow I already have 4 set on my warlock that I dont know how to play… Fun

its all a gamble but it feels bad when you accidentally do something stupid like I did and pick wrong piece bc there’s no asking for it back, its done and over

I have no idea what you’re talking about, cleatus.

^^^^^^ this

Oh no, that’s real.

I always buy 2-3 neck per season because they look like rings.