Great Vault & Dungeon

Same issue here with random or specific heroics. Not getting credit for either

I had 3 heroics done then went and did lfr and it cleared the heroics column.


Same… did 3 heroic dungeons, and vault shows no credit.

same issue here no credit for any of the heroics i did

Here’s hoping it’s a display bug. I’ve held off running any more heroics till I got confirmation and not just wasting my time. I could really use the wrym and drake stone crests for upgrades.

Yes, this is a display bug and we’re working on a fix for it. Thank you for the reports.


So come Tuesday I can expect the Vault to offer rewards according to what I complete this week, correct?

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I’m curious about this myself. I inferred from above posts that this is evidently not just a display issue, as several people mentioned not getting loot on Tuesday for dungeons they’d completed the week prior. Unless that problem has since been fixed and now the display is the only thing that’s broken.

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This was only a problem for the one week that was post patch 10.2 but pre season 3. Blizzard should have made it more clear that the Great Vault would not be active yet.


In the meantime, is there any kind of macro or addon that could help us track progress (even if the Great Vault panel is wrong)? It’s hard to keep count once you start doing a ton of these on different alts.

Yup its not just timewalking for me… Heroic dungeon runs dont register too and it keeps unlocking the 3 tiers of heroic dungeon in the great vault each time i do a heroic dungeon without unlocking it… also did all the raids available and they dont register except one… Honestly my Great Vault is all messed up.
i tried everything except re installing the game reboot game reboot Ui reboot my pc and also did a repair on the game files… nada.

Hey Kaivax, do we have an update on this?

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This past Tuesday was a special anomaly.

Last week’s dungeons weren’t S3 so they couldn’t count for the vault. The first vault after a new season starts is still last season’s vault. Its fate should have nothing to do with this week, which is after the first full week of S3.

FWIW, I did the LFR wing on several toons and it counted for each of them - showing in each of their respective vaults.

The issue is dungeons, not raids. That was already a thing prior to 10.2.

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I finally heard back from support after having a similar problem. I didn’t receive any rewards on the 21st from the week prior. I’ve been told there was a bug with heroic dungeons and it has been fixed, but they will not be distributing rewards as it’s not retroactive…

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Last week was 4x Mythics for Heroic cache (weekly quest), got 2 slots on my mage’s in GV today. I did the same 4x on my DH and did NOT get 2 slots in GV or anything, reloaded and restarted the game too :frowning:

Heroic dungeons not fixed yet.

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Same for me on the Heroic dungeons. Did 8 last week and logged in to get my loot after the reset today and no loot to choose from. It’s as though I never did the dungeons. I don’t want to start on this week’s dungeon runs until this issue is sorted.

Looks like issues with the Great Vault still persists. Ran 4 mythic 0’s last week for the weekly, got the pop-up that I would be eligible for 2 pieces of loot from the vault after reset, only to log in today with no rewards available at all. I’m also avoiding trying to do dungeons until I at least get some sort of answer for the issue.