<Gray Parse> 7/9M Recruiting Mythic Raiders!

Hello! We are a semi-hardcore guild pushing for CE and we are looking for a few more DPS to fill out our roster for 10.2. We have a very chill, laid back raid environment and are welcoming to everyone!

We maintain a competitive and tight knit roster where we value input from all members. We expect all players to perform well. This applies to everyone in the guild, from newer members to the GM. Raid times are Tuesday and Thursday 7:00PM-10:00PM CST.

We’re currently recruiting DPS, with special interest in a Rogue, or Windwalker however, we would like to talk to any DPS players, or DPS with heal offspec. Join us in Amirdrassil! If interested, please contact @tiatia or @vathos on Discord.

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Come blast with us!

still have a few DPS spots open! Don’t miss out on the new raid!

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Bump! Still looking for exceptional DPS :slight_smile:

Update: 6/9M now! We have a few spots open for a few stellar DPS, and a healer (druid, disc, or pres preferred - DPS offspec a bonus!) Msg me on discord @tiatia or @vathos to enquire or for more details.

7/9M and about 50% boss health on Tindral! Still looking for exceptional DPS :slight_smile: