<Gravity> (US-Proudmoore) 6/11M SoFo DPS. Horde Or Ally welcome

Need some more dps to compete with the streaking star fury warrior.

Need more dps for wrathion and skitra next week.

Need DPS For Shar’har progression and beyond

LF DPS to pad…I mean kill hive mind

Still looking!

5/12 now. Onto soccer. Recruiting all DPS

Still need dps for mythic Soccer and beyond

Do you like soccer, do you like killing things? join us!

Xanesh down. Onto Dragon.

Still looking for DPS, come get that fat loots!

Looking for more warlocks, hunters and DHs!

Who wants to kill Vexionna with us?

Do you have an irrational need to kill dragons? Join us in our kill on Vexionna!

Where all the range DPS at?

Still recruiting!

Need warlocks and reta paladins and hunters.

Who wants to help kill raden? I know nobody wants to kill him but hes got those sweet trinkets so sacrifices must be made

Still need DPS for CE push!

Still need more dps!

LF anybody of the DPS persuasion