<Gravity> (US-Proudmoore) 6/11M SoFo DPS. Horde Or Ally welcome

Kill many things, get many loots!

The same Gravity from Medivh? If so /wave!

Yes the same Gravity that transferred from medivh. In desperate need of a Warlock for further progression Beyond Dres’

All about that deeps, bout that deeps

LF trials while for when we reclear tuesday!

LF Warlock and healer For Drestagath and beyond

LF Holy Paladin/disc priest for kill things

LF healer disc/hpally pref for our push to CE

Lets kill the Dres’tegath boss pls, then the fun boss

Come Kill the boss were on so we can do Ilgy together!

Dres Dead, help us kill Ilgy, Still LF Warlock who can soul stone!

Ilgy is gonna die, come be ranged while it does!

Need ranged for Ilgy pls

Ilgy dead, onto Carapace!

Why not kill carapace when you could kill carapace with us?

Need ranged for Nzoth maybe, Carapace is dying after reset. Also lF dps for after nzoth dies and into shadowlands

LF all for Shadowlands

LF maybe a couple more range for M Nzoth progression as we push for the kill, Definetly looking for more peeps for rekills

Nzoth is almost dead, LF dps for rekills and to mesh before SL

Bump. Nzoth will be going down very soon!