Graveyard Camping in AV Nerfed?

Please balance the amount of honor received so that AV isn’t the only option to “PVP”.

Yet all the complaints were from Horde being camped, and there are videos of top premades doing it because they’d already hit their bracket caps.

That’s the thing- they weren’t doing it for honour, they were doing it to show Horde that when it’s 40v40, Horde are trash.

Horde cried, but unlike when Alliance were being farmed by multiple raid groups as they tried to reach instances for hours- Blizz rushed to Horde’s aid, fearful that their favourite faction may be experiencing some discomfort in the game they built to cater every advantage to the Horde.

Your company’s one sided decision making is destroying your own game. It’s doing so in Classic, and it’s doing so in retail. Players want to play Alliance less and less in all content because your development team treats the Alliance as much as the enemy as Horde players do.


We aren’t losing AV now. Hell, the PUG groups I’m in are beating premades 50% of the time now.

Removing the BG will increase win rates for Ally PUGs. That’s not arguable. Yes Premades lose some of their win rate, that’s the trade off.

And the conclusion is we don’t have to have anymore 5 minute games, and therefore horde doesn’t need to full turtle all recall.

I’ll tell you now, the Horde will never ‘let’ you win. That’s not going to happen so get that out of your head now. The only way to change AV is to break the Alliance premades. That’s the only option.

Or you guys can keep sufferring. Personally, I love this meta. I have screenshots of being a full incendius premade the other day if you guys want to see them.

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That shows that the Horde are more likely to wail about it. I’ve seen it many times when it was the Horde doing it to the Alliance and yet I didn’t feel it was necessary to make videos about it.


NPC’s are irrelevant. That isn’t what I am talking about.

I am talking about why they took away the ability to join AV in a 40 man group to begin with. That screenshot you shared and one’s like it was part of their reasoning. I am not trying to tell you guys what is right and what is wrong. I am only predicting what blizzard will do next based on previous behaviors and experience.

Granted it is all a crystal ball routine, but when they realize their fix did nothing they will try something else.

That is all I am saying.

Dead serious. Granted it might not be your #nochanges but this is #nochanges in action.

It’s ours and always will be, even if we need to go back to sailing the high seas with a pirate hat. Let me guess your a virtuous retail player or just another blizzard White Knight?

It’s a nice fix and all but it literally does nothing to address the magnitude of problems AV has. This fix was probably the least important one to implement compared to ones that say break premades, or address botting and afks.
It seems like peoples complaints with AV are falling on deaf ears and its frustrating


If Horde aren’t losing AV now then why is the forums filled with them complaining about Alliance premades and “Paladin pulls”. Your suggestions for changes do nothing but help the Horde and that’s why you suggest it. You aren’t suggesting it to out of concern for Alliance PUG’s. Not buying it, lol.


Wouldn’t a better analysis of this not be taking a 40 man premade of all epic geared players and beating 40 uncoordinated, non-geared players, but instead comparing PUG vs PUG in which Horde win, 100% of the games?

Why is it Alliance don’t want their premades to end again? Because they’re so good they’ll win anyway? No, that doesn’t sound right… Let me quote the Ally who just told me.

“If you remove Premades Horde will win 100% of games.”

Ah, that’s it. Doesn’t sound like Ally ever win an even match to me.


Come on, most of us are trying to have an honest discussion here. Lets not resort to trolling by stating the absurd.

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That’s an amazing fantasy you have going there but no, all of this is just a Blizzard product, and you a consumer.

Yeah THAT will show them… playing on a janky p-server…


I stopped playing Retail at the conclusion of WoD, which is unfortunate because I heard Legion was pretty fun.

As for defending Blizzard… I don’t actually care one way or another about this particular change as I know exactly who this was aimed at and I’m not them. My comment was purely based on the reality that you’re just a consumer, you don’t own the game, the game isn’t yours, so if you want Blizzard to pay you any mind you might want to make suggestions from the perspective of a consumer using a product rather than a crazy person claiming ownership of something they never had.

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Because a bug is a bug and it’s annoying to have to change to a “all turtle” strategy to beat a mechanic that wasn’t even intended.

There’s almost 0 posts of Horde crying about AV. Go play Horde if you want to see. We have 0 drama in our chats.

Paladin pulls is stupid toxic crap that FORCES us to instead of having a PvE race, go and defend otherwise we cannot beat that cheese.

A lot of you ally players don’t seem to realize that the horde tactics are in DIRECT RESPONSE to your increasing number of premades we’re facing.

If you don’t attack the root cause don’t expect anything downstream to change.


Never seen so many crybabies over pixels you can’t take with you on your journey of life, oh I guess you can say “hey honey , look what I achieved”.

Everyone knows the hard core gamers left this game back before BC because they realized its true worth and that it was a waste of time. Just a money sync, now all the kids that watched their parents playing the game are here to do what? Make the game better? ahahahahahahahahaha! A TRUE PVPER DOES NOT PVP IN WORLD OF WARCRAFT FOR HONORS. Sorry but its true.

You mean to tell me by breaking premades it wouldn’t affect alliance pugs? Sorry I find that hard to believe considering any time alliance starts outmanned it’s due to premades trying to figure out if they need to queue dodge. But hey point fingers at the other side for a problem thsts the fault of the alliance themselves

OK yeah this dude is trolling.


Actually when players provide loot that can be used for av objectives that are npc turn ins and it also helps you win the bg then it is.

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Wrong. I play Horde. They will turtle and defend regardless if it’s a PUG or premade. They just have lower success rates when it’s a premade and that’s exactly why you want to make it impossible for Alliance to queue this way. Your idea of change has nothing to do with being concerned for Alliance PUG’s and their win rates.


We’ve the same tools as Horde does- we go into the same situation with the same numbers, and we always come out on top.

Horde’s sole period of being victorious in pvp was when they were running deathballs of multiple raids over questing or dungeon seeking Alliance. I really don’t care if you think it’s not fair that you’re facing 40v40 in AV when your faction thought the phase 1 and 2 camping was fair.

You win with numbers, you lose when it’s even- you took advantage of your numbers heavily to smash tiny groups of Alliance, and you think we won’t take advantage of our lower numbers now?

That’s the problem with you horde- you have nearly every advantage handed to you by Blizz, Blizz even rushes to your aid like they are now- but it’s still not enough because there’s one or two things Alliance have.

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Well guys. I tried. You don’t want to listen. That’s fine.

I tell you P2 is going to be hell, no one listens. I tell you your “lol queues” will only make us camp you in your zones again, you don’t listen. I tell you how to fix AV, you don’t listen.

I can’t make you listen, I can only tell you the facts and let you eventually reach the correct conclusions. Good luck out there. See you in AV.

That’s not true, the meta was to zerg until it was obvious that we can’t beat them that way without them making a costly mistake first.