Graveyard Camping in AV Nerfed?

PvP issues aside, there weren’t many MMOs doing PvP better than WoW at this time.

DAOC certainly… after that WoW looks like a shining gem compared to the field.

Classic PvP while showing off some of the issue vanilla had isn’t similar enough for anyone who wasn’t there to grasp how different this is.

Chalk up another L to the #nochanges squad.

Once they started saying #nochanges to the changes it became clear this was no longer the same group of people. This is the trolls war cry, not the fans lol.

yeah bro pvp In EQ was way more hard core than this game will ever wish to be. You don’t lose half your gold/plat or some of your items in your bags now do ya?

hahahahahahahahahaha!!! Classic has truly brought out the spoiled brats of life ,that is all.


Lets not even get into PvP balance… like how many times I died to a mage pet that guards wouldn’t attack lol. Then later on, all the surprise 1 shots Wizards had lined up for you!

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It was never your game to begin with…

Game development balance isn’t a matter of cringe inducing role play…


As admirable as that would sound, that doesn’t prevent them from doing the same action. The people who did this didn’t care about honor.


Given that premades generally want the game to end in under 10 minutes, and given that they need that to happen to remain competitive in the honor grind, I highly doubt alliance premades are in the habit of doing this. Horde, on the other hand, seem intent on dragging games out as long as possible - despite hk diminishing returns - and, in my experience, are prone to camp SHGY.

As such, it’s much more likely aimed at butthurt horde. I mean, they sat in queue for 30 min+ to get steamrolled in 6 min by a premade, so the next pug clearly has to pay…


Can’t death walk to another graveyards if all the graveyard are owned by the other faction.


And? I can come up with a quick way to circumvent that fix. [REDACTED – for blue eyes only]

Merely making people that rez in the cave honorless targets isn’t going to help.


Not true. Preventing GY camping was always a top focus of Blizzard in Vanilla. This is consistent with my Vanilla experience and authentic to the memory of the game back then. This is #nochanges in action.

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I’m talking world pvp. but I was a Monk and I would kill everyone in my way, it still is the only best game that got melee right.
Also I’m not talking about balance, I’m talking about grey and white of two games. You still do not lose ANYTHING in pvp here, this is an amateur game compared to most pvp mmorpg’s. Stop crying, it’s really pathetic. That is all. If you wanna pvp then shut and pvp.

Is Horde really get rolled this Hard in AV it forced Blizzard to make those rezzing in the cave honorless targets?

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It was when thousands quit during phase 2 to the glee of the Horde and the indifference of Blizz- only difference here is it’s Horde that are being camped so, predictably, Blizz to the rescue.

You can escape cave camping- AV is only a tiny part of the game. This being done in the world for months made every part of the game unplayable. Blizz didn’t care about that- again, not surprised they’re bending over for the Horde, but still disturbing.

It’s 40v40, you have every opportunity to push back in that case. How much of a troll are you that you think a 5v120 situation like was the norm for groups trying to get to dungeons on grossly imbalanced servers is fine, but a 40v40 isn’t fair?

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I really hope that your devs realize they opened pandoras box with this change by claiming “if this happened in Vanilla it would have been changed”

… if the honor system wasn’t getting scrapped soon after 1.12, this entire version of AV would have been changed.


So you have some retail char you PvP’d with, and you are level 46 now…

I am kinda thinking you haven’t experienced anywhere near the amount of Vanilla/Classic PvP I have, based off the information you have lended.

the PvPers do wanna PvP, which is why we are displeased with the current state of Alterac Valley. PvPers aren’t interested in a PvE race.


That will only help Horde but not the Alliance.

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Tell that to the Alliance PUGs that have literally a 0% win rate over the last two weeks.


You mean nerfing the NPCs and/or the slight map redesign? Yeah, I guess.

Not sure how that’s relevant.

What? Are you serious? Making a change is entirely opposed to #nochanges


Alliance PUGS would have a very low win rate in AV even if BG numbers were removed due to the nature of AV. Removing BG numbers isn’t going to help Alliance win rates. It will just make it where Horde never loses an AV.