Granyth in the Nokhud Offensive

Hi guys. Just wondering if people don’t use the lances just in normal mode or is that normal through heroic/mythic/etc? I’ve run the place 2-3 times now in normal mode and had to try to heal through the damage every time (which isn’t always easy!)

Use the lance. On any m+ it is the healers job to activate it.

According to the Granyth entry in the Adventure Guide you are suppose to
Instruct Shikaar lancers to fire Dragonkiller Lance to make Granyth stop his eruptions.

So how do you do that? Do you type an instruction, is there a button you push, something you are suppose to pick up? I’ve looked around but haven’t spotted it.

When I ran it a couple days ago in Follower mode, I just ran over to the launcher & clicked on it. IIRC there was just one launcher that was highlighted as being usable.

Ok thanks :slight_smile: