Got melted by a really geared aff lock

I never see them so I didn’t realize I would be a melted puddle of disease in less than 5 seconds. Is this level of damage normal? It looked like a lot of fun.

Aff has never had an issue with dmg it’s survivability paired with 1 spell school and not having infernal stun + double coil

Thanks! I completely underestimated the damage it could do and paid dearly :joy:

Just line the Dots 4head

I’ve only seen one in recent memory, but his haste was so unreal I burst out laughing. Would cast like 6 UA’s in a row in like 2.5 seconds

I swear Snuggles is magically summoned every time there’s a Warlock thread to dispense the most ultimate wisdom.


Yea I said this before. Aff actually pumps dmg with the right build, but it means nothing when double melee eat through your healers mana like never before.


No! NO!