Got Beta inv email am I flagged?

I have been uninstalling , swapping launcher to beta restarting countless times I dont know anymore this is a 2005 account could idk if it matters but id just like to know if im flagged

Oops, missed one.

I do show you are opt’d in, but those are totally random.

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Yea but I got an email invite yet i dont see the download on my bnet launcher I saw blue post telling people if they were flagged or not :((

That would be for the stress test.

We are looking into why some don’t seem to have the download, but you also want to make sure you have a fresh launcher - so that it updates.


Yep lol been doing all the things I see suggested in the forums im gonna wait and hope for the best

yeah i think there’s a lot of us logging and relogging to see that download after getting the stress test email

Can you check on my end? I got the email, contacted a GM to remove a ptr account because apparently most of us with this issue had 2 ptrs… Thank you for your time!!

What is a “fresh” launcher?

One launched new, many folks leave their launchers active 24/7. Sometimes that can cause update issues.


Friend, there are many of us trying to figure out why we dont have an install option for the Stress Test, is there an update on that front?

It took about 3 hours once I got the email for the Stress Beta Test account to show up on my launcher. I didn’t do anything special it just showed up.


I got the e-mail, was so anxious that I thought I’d get to be a part of the beta, ent and down loaded ikt, thought I should get a character leveled up a bit first, but NOOOOO. Went to post an inquiry in the beta forum, but NOOOOOO. Checked my account, was I flagged for the beta, NOOOOOOO. Went back to the e-mail and read it through… ohhhh. I’ll be in for about 24 hours, that is it.

Kinda disappointing, no?

If the point of being in beta is to help test things out, then being a part of the stress test should also be rewarding. Understand that this test is only for 2 hours tonight though. With the test servers going down tomorrow.


I’ve noticed that restarting the client repeatedly causes multiple Blizzard Update Agent threads. (Yes, I’ve been doing it a lot). Is that a problem? After I get to 6, I usually kill them all to be sure.

Generally it is a problem as you will never know which launcher is the one you are currently using and its entirely possible you are running the game under an out of date launcher.

Thee is a launcher option to ill the launcher once the game starts that can eliminate a lot of out of date issues.

well I guess at this point those of us that read the forums and had CS delete one of the ptr accounts are not getting in sad :frowning:

It said “Beta & Stress test.” It didn’t say STRESS TEST ONLY. AND it was a failure, many of us apparently can’t even get in. But thanks for the quote, I did miss the 2 hours part!

Except that if you aren’t in the Closed Beta you are only in the stress test. Not being able to log in is part of that. It still produces logs for the Devs. Failure to log in can be productive too.


I was chided when I said I was disappointed… but “Beta & Stress Test” MEANS both. Still disappointed. Yup failure to log in is another disappointment, and yes that is also telling. BUT they HAVE been through this before, back when they had a crap ton more folks playing the game. They seemed to have fixed that… until tonight… so most likely a scale issue.