Got banned because blizzard didnt answered my question on ticket and needed to reopen it

Good afternoon everyone,

I’m a player from Thalnos-US, server which has been dead for a few months on the alliance side, and my guild had decided to transer to incendius-US around a month ago. Me and a few guildies were ranking, so we decided to stay behind.

April 10th at 09:15 PDT, blizzard released a bluepost informing that would be disabling payed transfers to Incendius.

As soon as we became aware (around 09:40 AM PDT, 12:40 PM Brazilian time) that the transfer would be disabled, me and other guildies decided to stop ranking, and transfer immediately, even though we would lose all honor gained during that week. We proceeded to take all required actions to transfer the char at 09:45 AM PDT, which would have been inside the transfer window given by Blizzard.

However, everyone that attempted to transfer received an error showing a message to “try again later” (like it would be possible), probably due to an system error at Blizzard. (Interestingly, the same error now shown when attempted to transfer to servers with disabled transfers.) Immediately, we proceeded to take print screens, and opened a ticket to ask for a manual transfer, bearing in mind that the whole situation occured because of a system error. It was not a single person, and Blizzard could verify the veracity of our allegations on our account logs.

First, I decided to open a ticket in Portuguese, my mother language, attaching all print screens of the transfer attempts desplaying such error, explaining the situation - that we tried to transfer during the window stipulated by Blizzard. The first ticket was answered, but the resolution had absolutely nothing to do with the ticket. It said that to purchase a transfer, it would be required to use a credit card or add a balance to my Blizzard account.

Taking into consideration that I did not receive a desirable answer, I reopened the ticket, and this time the answer was that Free Transfers were available only to playes from Incedius-US, and as a Thalnos-US player such option was not available to me.

The ticket was reopened, and received the same answer.

Once again, I reoped the ticket and received another generic answer, disregarding everything related by me, saying that Incendius-US was full, so the transfers were not a possibility.

And again, after reopening the ticket, the answer received was that transfer were disabled. (No one analyzed the claims and print screens) - the ticket was closed and permanently marked as “solved”, even though my issue was not solved. Followed by a notification of game master interaction violation policy.

Since that ticket had been permanently marked as solved, I opened a new ticket, this time in English, imagining that the brazilian game masters were unabled to solve the issue. This time the answer was that transfers to Incedius-US were impossible due to the restriction, and again the GMs failed to look into the documentation sent. A few minutes later, I received a notification that my account had been suspended for 72 hours.

I realized that the bluepost informing the community about the closure of paid transfers to Incendius-US meant that transfer were already closed. Perhaps a communication issue between DEVs and the GM responsible for the bluepost regarding the trasnfer window. Me, and guildies and others had been severed penalized by this error, and cannot confront or even ask Blizzard about it or we may get banned. Since my first ticket, Blizzard has demonstrated zero willingness to analyze the print screens.

I humbly ask for the support of the community and Blizzard, which I know looks into Reddit to analyze this plea.

PS: Here is a pic of me trying to transfer (this is the last try, but i tried like 10 times with few other prints, but cant attach more than one print here, and this is the one that i didnt used the snipping tool on windows and selected a smaller image)

PS2: Incendius already dont have any QUEUES, so the transfer that is disabled for this specific server can be disabled now (and faerlina and whitemane could remain if they still have queues)

PS3: Sorry for bad english, since im not a native english speaker it may contain some grammar errors, a friend helped me with some parts of the text (Ty ABRACHAN), so it is understandable (the last part was wrote by me)

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It seems to me, an outsider, that you were not satisfied with your responses, and in an effort to provide clarification, you had a negative action taken against you. To me, this would be akin to calling an electric company about a question and having them turn off your power in response.

If I was in your shoes, I would probably feel extremely dissatisfied and even feel a bit victimized due to the vindictive response resulting in a ban. If this happened to me, I would likely immediately stop utilizing my account, gather all documentation, and issue a bank chargeback for as large of an amount as possible, providing as much documentation as possible.

Sorry this happened to you. In my eyes, you were clearly mistreated here.


It totally sucks what happened to you. You seem to be in a minority edge case that was negatively affected by the closing of transfers to Incendius.

Fortunately (maybe?), the transfer restrictions are temporary, so you should be able to continue ranking on Thalnos as you were, and hopefully the queue times due to the large number of people at home during the Coronavirus quarantines will subside, and the temporary restriction on transfers will be lifted, allowing you to rejoin your guild.

Best of luck to you with your ranking, and rejoining your guild!

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