(Gorgonnash) Returning for classic?

Hi All. If anyone from Gorg is thinking of trying classic and would like to meet up again, here’s discord contact info:

Vanir Vanir#1990
Shift noctuary#6958
Discord server: discord.gg/ wGduN4q (remove the spaces, forum does not allow links)

We’ve got a bunch of people from both factions who are planning on rolling on the same server. Would be happy to hear from anyone else.

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Eternity, Oblivion, BloodFaith, Downfall, Epidemic, Afterlife, Tempest, Rise of the Dark Side and many other legendary Alliance guilds need a new classic Home. If anyone makes the initiative to make a Gorgonnash community guild please post on the forums! I and many others would join.

Ha i need to read before i post. Thank you for making the initiative to set up a Gorgonnash Community! Will definitely join:)

Awesome! thanks for posting it.

Any and all are welcome from old Gorgonnash! We will be rolling Alliance on a west coast PvP server, which is what Gorgonnash originally was. The info above that Chairmanmeow posted is current. Msg Shift or Vanir once connected to Discord for chat access. Bring on Classic!




Damn this brings back memories to the Blink Squad TM days! I played a Tauren Shaman named Kardon and raided in Frenzy when Steeler was the raid leader if you remember that.

Count me in guys i was in ssc and them with my brother back then

how will you be choosing a server to play on? I would love to come back and play with the gorgonnash crew. Heatus? Lawson? Wilky? Stabmaster? Spaceballs? innominate? Shha? Crownic? Where y’all @???

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Definitely down for this! Currently in the beta having a blast.

Philthy Phantoms, where you at?

Georgepatton & Downfall, where you at?

/2 Ratgirl, where you at?

Some old names I remember:


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OMG I found you guys!!
I was the crappy mage you used to drag along.

Will be interesting to see if there is a surge of returns as we get closer. Would love to see the Calm Down Rookie crew get back together.

People are returning to our Discord (link above) on the daily, it has been fun to see all the familiar faces. Hope everyone finds a home for classic! -Shift

I took a week off work to play with all of the crazy Gorgonnashians again :smiley: the beta has been a total blast. See you guys in August.


Hey Gorgonnashians!

Masako (alliance mage) - damneddog#1657

Love you guys and the honor points! Keep in touch!

Vancleef/Sentenza here from vanilla Gorgonnash alliance side.

I’ll be playing alliance on a west coast server too! Would love to join the people coming back to the game.

Good to see some of the names from vanilla. I was in Frenzy and UD among other guilds. My character was Killswitch - Resto Shaman.

Good to see you are still around Shift! Been a while since the Goblin Zeppelin Jumping Society lol.

Georgepatton - I remember him invading Thunder Bluff and Orgrimmar surrounded by all the tree druid healers. Good times!

I’ll never grind out a toon from 1 to 60 again, but would enjoy watching some old school PvP!

Shha was never real. He only existed in our minds.