Goodbye Trust lvl 3

(Juuhachigou) #71

A hand you say. Let me continue that tape.


All shall serve the banshee queen.

(I-I dont need a trust level 3 either w-with your stupid gifs and all. :cry: )

(Withpuppys) #72

you can’t keep a good boi down.


Bunny and cookie gif??

(Lunafreÿa) #74

They say that when you change to the Alliance, you lose your balls, how true is that? I mean, were you a male orc and now a female draenei? Amazing. :cow::cow::cow:


I was a better looking Fem Belf Paladin.


Strange… I don’t see you hitting any criteria for level 3. Do you have a link to posts you’ve made before your faction change? From everything I see on your activity looking at this character you’re at the correct trust level. Curious if something weird there is afoot with specific character faction transfers.


happend to me but i did not server change i just changed the name of my posting toon… then found out i lost my forum rep so made a lvl 20 allied race with same name and i got my forum rep back (same server)


what the hell is a trust level and why have I never heard of that before

(Shariadore) #79

Faction and server transfer in my experience have some interesting quirks sometimes.
I guess some metrics get reset such as time played and now forum stuff.
Had things like my total monsters killed, time played, players killed etc all reset over the years during faction and/or server transfers.

Just my experience (Not with the forum stuff, im yet to earn Trust 3, too much hassle when i just want to casually browse and post, im not a Mythic level forum runner)

(Darknesself) #80

This seems to be the OP’s old profile -

(Awkward) #81

It would be nice if trust worked across all Blizzard forums. I’ve got level 3 on OW forums, but not here.

But I do have a picture of my cat.

(Ughash) #82

I saw this happen a while ago to someone else too. Makes me not want too faction and server change as well.


D’awww, kitty looks warm.


A forum grind to give you some extra privileges on a video game forum.

(Zinj) #86

I know I’ll never have Level 3 privileges. I got a 3 day vacation for calling someone a snowflake :frowning:

I didn’t know that was so offensive.


As Darknesself posted above that was my profile before I server xfered(still alliance).

And here is a link to one of my posts a while back having trust lvl 3


It’s 2019. Nearly everything has been offensive since 2008, get with the times.

Edit - I’m sure plenty of people are offended by my above comment.


Is this name-server only tied to the trust level or also to posts? If I were to change name, would my old posts reflect my new name or could someone else “take over” my old posts?

(Qpack) #92

Well I made a trial character and it does seem to work. I have my old post count and everything.


If it’s legitimately super important to anyone to the extent it actually bothers them, then you can sell your soul for the low cost of another WoW account and then post on it until those trust privileges are acquired.

Just be certain you verrrry carefully and delicately scrutinize every single word you ever post to ensure it’s mindless enough that no one can be offended. Do that long enough and you too can receive your special good boy privileges.