Goodbye from Spanish Inquisition

I know only three people actually read these forums; however, I’m going to post this anyway because the new WoW forums won’t let me edit my recruitment thread. Spanish Inquisition has decided to transfer off of Shu’halo/Eitrigg due to low server population and massive toxicity on the realm. It’s not a choice we made lightly, but we feel the server is past saving. It sucks leaving the server you’ve been on for the majority of your WoW time, but times change.

If anyone wants to join us on Whisperwind, you are more than welcome. We are currently in the process of moving everyone over.

Thanks for the memories, Shu’halo. Good luck to Sonic Death Monkey, Shabuubala, Hyperion, and all of the other mature guilds that will be progressing in the new raid.


Great story bruh


Thanks, Toilet. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

I didn’t put in the effort to read it. Just assumed it was about how much you’ll miss The Derps

And another guild leaves. This server ain’t what it used to be sadly; I’ve seen so many good guilds disband or transfer servers since I started on this server 12 years ago. Good luck on Whisperwind to you guys.

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Sometimes, life comes at you fast.

LOL “massive toxicity”

Public toilet levels, or Agbogbloshie levels?
Sounds exciting :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hi Grandsquirex :slight_smile:

I was actually curious as to what happened to SI. Sorry to see you had to leave. Good luck!

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One like for the name “Spanish Inquisition”.

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Part of me wishes we would have kept it. Oh well.