Goodbye from Salvation

Hello Everyone,

I’m Rilas, the Guild Master of Salvation. We’ve made the difficult decision to move to a new server.

For the past 15 years, I’ve led my guild since the Burning Crusade expansion. Over the years we made friends, lost friends, achieved heights, and had lows. But nevertheless we have persevered and continued to be a raiding presence on the server all the way up to Shadowlands.

Now we have a new server to call home and that’s Thrall. To those who have seen us, maybe know of us, dabbled with us, raided with us or crossed paths it’s been real. We hope you guys enjoy the upcoming expansion Dragonflight or wherever your adventures take you.

If you wish to follow us there and need a progression raiding guild, don’t hesitate to look our way.

Thank you Cenarion Circle and all the connected realms for all the memories. Take care.


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Elune always bless you, Rilas.

I hope only that Thrall is a wonderful friend to you, and that the future holds only many more memories for you to cherish.