Good solo questing for 50-54 horde warlock?

Looking for suggestions for a good area to quest or grind mobs for when dungeon groups aren’t forming.

Western Plaguelands. Especially if you’re a tailor, since cloth drops from Undead. Along the way you’ll get the quest line to complete the key for Scholomance, so there’s that. And when you finish with WPL, you’ll be over to EPL as well. As far as questing goes, WPL/EPL are the best for that level bracket, IMO.

Felwood for an optimized warlock aesthetic


Depending on your server I recommend Searing Gorge and Burning Steps to cut down on the travel time to get into BRD.

Depending on your server and the status of the rankers on the opposing faction this question has different answers. But since you are horde, you likely don’t have alliance roaming looking for supplemental honor while they wait in a queue.

If you want to do pure questing, ungoro is a fun zone that is pretty unique. I would suggest that.

I was questing and western plague lands and getting stupid xp. Winterspring does seem that bad either.

I’ve always looked for zones in my level range, then made a decision based on the activities in those zones. Felwood base some decent quests, but can be challenging to navigate (at least for Alliance as the GY and FP are pretty inconveniently located.) WPL, Un’Goro and Blasted Lands are all appropriate. EPL, Burning Steppes and Winterspring can be a bit high for many players under 55.

Bats, hounds and worms in western EPL are perfect level - also vendor trash and Larvals make good $$. Also, not much comp for mobs, especially off the beaten path.

Felwood is OK, but WPL/EPL is better for leveling, especially if you have Tailoring as a profession. Only reason I’d go to Felwood is to farm Timbermaw rep, or Felcloth.

You don’t get to conquer demons in WPL, though

Sure, but you can battle the scourge, and massacre the deranged humans of the Scarlet Crusade.

Awesome thank you for all of the input! WPL+EPL HERE I COME!