Good news, Purple Mount!

Linxy has delivered us some good news in a change to the season 4 mount: PURPLE!


That’s nice, but where are the pink mounts? We need more of them.



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I really like the look of this one. I will probably continue using ashes of Al’ar but it’ll be a pretty mount to see around.

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Someone on the GD specifically requested this color combo, so hey, maybe they listen after all!


This color combo is gorgeous. I still wish at some point the M+ and rated PvP mounts had swapped to give the model to the other game mode, but I will 100% be getting this one for my Warlocks.

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YES! More pink :cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom:

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I feel like with the time walking mythic+ dungeons and everything this was an opportunity to bring back a past mount recolor for ksm.

Purple Shadow Elemental Mount to go with the Mawsworn Pain Elemental(Rainbow-Black), Necromantic Elemental(Green) and Sin Elemental(Red) Mounts!

Personally I say Blizzard should start using this Color of Death Elemental for Enemy NPCs in 9.5.2 if not in Dragonflight itself!

Even so I do think we need Ardenweald Twilight Elementals(Blue and not Azure like the scrapped Death Elemental Mount Color) along with Bastion’s Virtue Elementals(Whitish Azure), Zereth Mortis Ephemera Elementals(Golden), Soul Elementals(Blue-Grey) and Broker Hyperlight Elementals(White)!

Meh. Blue is my favorite color and this is the second time it’s been cancelled. But sure, go off I guess.

Wow neat! a recolor! How creative.

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What do you expect? They’re a small indie company.

I’ve seen some really creative games come from small indie companies.

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Yea, but do they have this awesome purple recolor mount? Didn’t think so.

I’ll take every purple mount in the game, please and thank you.