Good luck on vaults!


I got a 265 tier helm from the Vault! The M+ slot so it can be upgraded with valor. I guess accidentally locking my keys in the car last night helped my karma for today.

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With the 3% drop-rate on tier this week in M+ slots, I guess it was actually pretty statistically likely that even though I opened 3 Vault slots on 3 characters I wouldn’t see a single piece of tier. Still sucks though.

Last tier I pulled a weapon in my first cache on my Bear, and a weapon on my Shammy in the second cache, so I guess I was spoiled. Getting boots on my bear and two mediocre trinkets on my Warrior/Shammy feels pretty bad given how grueling M+ was this first week.

I thought all the forum warriors promised me that M+ was infinite free loot?

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278 Gorestained Cleaver. Literally best weapon I could have gotten.

Thank you Blizzard, yall were lookin out this week

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Belt. Which will be replaced by the legendary unless I can get revered in time.

Ah well, I’ll be able to use it eventually if I decide to pay not to use unity on a belt

I’ll open mine tonight it was tough slogging pugging so I only got a single ten m plus done and six norma raid kills, couldn’t get the second boss killed with heroic pugs first week :frowning:

Popping in to clear up a bit of confusion we’ve noticed from folks who are surprised the raid items in their Great Vault are coming up as Class Set pieces without having defeated the boss that drops that specific item. This is working as intended - because Class Set pieces are available from M+ and PVP, we wanted to ensure parity across different ways to play within the Great Vault and thus loosened the restrictions on boss-specific drops specifically for Class Sets. Enjoy the loot, and may your vaults be lucky!


Vault? I vaguely remember that.

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I spotted a blue in the wild… hope I can catch and evolve it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Greatly appreciate the clarification here, and the updated philosophy specifically around tier loot. Thank you!

its good move tbh. at lease we can get a chance to get some tier loot.

I find it really annoying though, that we can’t have the creation catalyst until week 8. This, seems obviously like a time gating design specifically for the world first race. I think it’s unfair that your nerfing the entire population just because of the 1-2% of player base who actually participates in the race. I mean… I’m a Frost Mage main, man! My class is completely irrelevant until I at least have the 2-piece set. I can’t stand raiding its a salty nerdy rage fest. I’ve tried the new raid twice I can’t stand it. It’s not like 9.1.5 where you can basically get away with not having the raid items (although I still did manage to get a few shard equips)… we NEED those items to be relevant. So, I’m simply not able to play your game really until over a month. You can only craft 1 piece a week, I don’t see why that’s such a bad thing for the world first race. /end rant… tell bobby what I said

Perhaps I should hunter trap a blue while one is around so they can look at the feedback in all four hunter threads regarding the 4pc bonus that is not mechanically viable for Venthyr - and the recent beast cleave update literally has no value to aoe for us at all on any covenant. (The PTR thread, the 9.2 launch tier feedback thread, the hotfix thread, and the post hotfix thread)

There’s not been a response on this topic.

I don’t do any of these, but this is actually great news for players. I am glad to hear all the different “end game” styles of play can grant those rewards, including in the Vault.

Thanks for the update and info on the thought process behind it. Really appreciate you posting.

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Hey, Blizzard dev. I will absolutely harp on you guys whenever a bad decision is made.

But this is a good one. No, it’s a fantastic one. And I will praise these types of decisions.

It’s a huge QoL increase that came out of left-field and helps show us players that the development team is exploring different ways to make the game more fun and interesting, thereby showing us a positive shift in the way things are.

Absolutely happy to see this happening. Keep it coming!

But we don’t get the Creation Catalyst until week 8!!!

You’re right, we shouldn’t have access to tier sets at all as non-raiders like how it has always been prior to this tier.

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No, I think its great that they finally implemented something like that. But why is there a 2 month time gating thing attached to it.

The new expansion is coming out this year, so that means less than a year. But… minus 2 months now to my game play time just because of a world first race?

Thank you very much for the reply. This is exciting news for those of us who are going to be progressing a bit more slowly through the raid.

Thanks for the post. And I ended up getting a helmet piece and with the weekly quest a heroic ring :slight_smile:

Feedback on time gating is certainly valid. I am personally just happy they made such a major change in availability so people are not forced to raid if that content is not something they enjoy.

As a super casual solo player I get to wait until I can solo raids to get it. Which is fine for me - that is a choice I make - but I do wish we could have an option to do solo raids and dungeons to see the content and at least get mogs or nominal versions of the sets.

I would seriously doubt that. Announcement is April 19th. We won’t have Alpha for a while after that, then Beta and eventually release. It is usually a around a year between announcement and release right?