Good luck on getting the HH mount

No it IS hard work, and it isn’t bad math its bad game design but clearly blizzard aren’t willing to budge on it, so for anyone who wants the mount it’s the best they have to work with.

Slim chance or not is irrelevant, what is relevant is; is running as many toons through as possible the highest odds of getting the mount? and the answer is yes.

oh ok so basically don’t even bother logging into the game then by that logic… like why stop there, why bother doing anything in the game that you might want like chasing better gear or cosmetics? LOL

Is the minimum level been raised to Level 60 for the mount?

In mmorpgs, some of the items are both random and rare. Yes even those attached to a holiday event that happens once every year.

At least the rewards stay the same each year, with a few new additions each year unlike some mmos where the rewards are different each and every time the event happens (With even less of a chance for those rewards to drop).

See? You getting so upset about this just proves my point. You fail to see it as the rare lottery that it is, and set up expectations for disappointment by seeing it only as something you should expect to win. But I don’t think either of us are going to change our minds.

I’ve pretty much just given up on low drop holiday mounts. I rarely if ever participate in them now, I’ve already tried for over a decade lol.

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It does on first kill of the day:

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Cool, I didnt know that.

Flies down on their HH mount from years past

What’re you nerds talkin’ about?

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I like that the fight was changed up a bit. Didn’t think it was any harder or longer, but perhaps just a good group. It seemed shorter to me.

I got the mount the very first year on the second time in. I used that mount quite a bit for many years, but also have 5 or six flying horses i like better, so don’t use it anymore.

Yeah I’ve played this game for so long that anyone who says obtaining a holiday mount is an achievement just seems silly. It’s all luck. Running the same content over and over again isn’t hard work or an achievement, it’s just weird desperation.

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I feel like rng is worse this year.

I did 10 kills today, all on hard mode. I got 1 sinister pet and no one in my group got anything.
Normally I’d have seen a weapon or helmet. Something at this point. Definitely not looking forward to the pet grind.

See… this is why I do not do the event. Or if I do, I run it once or twice and forget about it. The odds of “winning” are the same whether I participate or not.

So to keep my sanity I just don’t do it. Makes life a lot easier. The FOMO stuff sets off that reaction too. I’m usually predisposed not to do something if there is a whiff of FOMO about it. There are other things in life to spend the time on.

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Got mine first year

I got it on my first kill yesterday.

Maybe I’m lucky but even with hard mode we had it done in less than 3 minutes. Or do people just want to one shot and repeat 50 times? Why even bother with the mount at that point?

They the developers could put a vendor for mounts and have the mount price 10,000-20,000 Candy for the HH mount? I mean why put it on a discouragingly low drop rate? Is this some way to punish players? The mount is what 17-18 years old why not release it to the candy shop for purchase?

The holiday is only 2 weeks long. And only comes around once a year. People can log in 50 chars a day to farm it and still miss out on it cause of RNG.

Doesn’t it feel good just being DONE with a holiday altogether?

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They really need to update this thing. I thought it was hideous in 2007 and it hasn’t changed at all in all those years.

It’s a recolor of the warlock mount that can run in the air. And it’s a horse. That the horse man drops, so yeah, it’s always gonna be a horse, but maybe I’d actually chase it a little if it wasn’t just the warlock mount from 2004.

I love the halloween event, always have, but I’ve never seen this drop and I’m fine with that.

People can be kind of weird about “collecting” things in this game. Like the people who think they should be able to unlock the entire trading post each month. I have what I have, don’t have what I don’t have, and long ago accepted that I’m never going to have everything. In fact I can’t remember a time when I actually wanted more than I have.

Okay I lied, I was unsubbed for the crab mount and I want that. Far as I know it’ll be back though, even that I don’t feel like my game is incomplete without it or anything. I knew it was on and I didn’t resub, at that moment I didn’t feel like playing and I wasn’t going to resub just for that mount, and to me that is one of the cooler mounts. Maybe it’s that I have accrued dozens of mounts over the years that I think are pretty cool? At some point it just all runs together and I still end up using Running Wild.

The broom is neat though. I’m glad I got the broom. It’s a bit more warlocky than I’d like with the green but at least they made a non-holiday broom. Finally.

But hey, before anyone blows me up for having opinions, we are all free to enjoy this game in whichever ways we see fit. Have a good one and may you get all the items you desire!

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Back in Wrath when it could be traded I bought it in a group using at the time all of my gold. Also had it drop again years later.

10/18/2010 - the first time I killed HH, I was so depressed mount didn’t drop I went to SW and sat on some bench and prayed to HH, that if I could just get the mount I would keep my room clean and be nicer to my little brother and help my mom with housework.

I had no alts so the next day I tried with my one toon and sure enough, it dropped. I figure HH thought I was a nutcase and just let me have it to not have to deal with future crazyness because I was 40 at the time and an only child.

(Theres a new achieve called “Bring Me The Head of… Oh Wait” that shows date of first HH kill, in profile its at achievements/Feats of Strength/Events)