Good Karma to the Monk Dev

I really love what you guys have done to the monk tree looks pretty solid and gives us a lot of choice. would really like to see Good Karma be added to the Talent trees in an update its a really cool and interesting ability that would be fun to play with in some builds and just want to say thanks very much.


I thought you just wishing him general good vibes.


We don’t need more healing especially in the WW spec tree. You’ll be able to take statue if you really want it and you only need a single tick of soothing mist to get it to channel on you. You’ll also have instant cast vivifies and escape from reality makes them stronger and cheaper.

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I feel like BrM needs work, but other 2 are good (and prob also need adjustments)

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I love Good Karma, however we will have tons of healing in dragonflight. They should make it a choice node with Escape from Reality or something. More options are always good <3

that would be amazing i would action love that

Made this before dragon flight and ppl thought I was wrong smh!!!

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Become baseline.

This didn’t age well


Exactly I really hope blizzard is doing something for us MONKS

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this is what it seems they are doing to monk right now, at least WW

This aged like milk LOL


Nah, don’t need more healing, the healing spec is mistweaver.

It needs better self healing and defensives 100%


Defensives maybe, but not healing.

So hard casting for 6% of your health pre dampening is fine? People hit for their builders harder than that.

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