Good bye to Anso

On April 20th Azeroth lost another warrior. Anso as we knew him, or Anthony as the real world called him, passed away that night after fighting duchenne muscular dystrophy for many years, being diagnosed at age 8.

He did not talk about that to many people, he wanted to be known for what he achieved in the game, not for what caused him to be in a wheelchair.

Anso played many classes very good but his heart was always with his warrior, a fury warrior. His main in all expansions.

In my mind he was easily one of the best at playing this class if it was raiding or pvp’ing, held back at times only by bad internet connections. The only thing he could not do, was to teach me how to be a melee player… sorry Anso my bad.

I got to meet him about 9 years ago, when I joined a guild on Trollbane called Archaic. He was this young kid that played wow since vanilla and knew more about this game then I will ever know even if I play 10 more years. He was so young then and he became a good friend and my little brother in WoW over the years.

Before Archaic he was in several other guilds, I cannot remember all the names, Silent Tempest comes to mind as one of them.

Archaic fell apart in 2013, like so many guilds at that time. Some of us old Archaic members, including Anso, moved our toons over to Aerie Peak to join a guild called Convert to Raid.

Anso hung out there for a bit and then continued on and joined Darkness Within on Aerie Peak. That guild changed names a few times and I believe is now called Thanks for the Carry. They kept Anso in the guild for a long time after he was not active anymore. Thanks for that!

In 2016 he suffered a big set back and was not able to play World of Warcraft anymore.

A big part of his life was taken away from him. He kept on fighting for over 2 years, like the warrior he was.

I wish there would be a better way to memorize his name in the world of Azeroth, since that is not an option I am writing this post to memorize his name even if it is just on a server forum. I don’t want him to be forgotten.

If you knew him even just a little bit, I hope you remember him as the friendly, helpful and loyal, funny and great player that he was.

I, like so many other people that got to know him over the years, will miss him every day, it was an honour to be his friend.

Good bye Anso


I knew he had gotten sick some time back but I did not know how bad and I do not check the forums often. Rest easy my friend we had some really good times through the years. You kept our guild running for many years and did a fantastic job. S!

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Hey I’m a personal friend of anso “Anthony” would you know how I would find a picture of his main human warrior??

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I knew him well in game but not in real life. I didn’t even know anyone posted anything about him on here and just now finding this thread. He was a good person, knew a lot about his class. Everyone really liked him because he had such an infectious personality. I knew him from Archaic and miss those days. I hope I’ll get to see him again one day up in heaven. We miss him dearly and I haven’t had the heart to take him off my global friends list either. :disappointed:

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Hey, sorry I am just reading this now. I have a screenshot of Anso and myself, just not sure how to get this to you. If you still play and have a toon on Aerie Peak look for Vederia and pm there. (Accira is one of my alts btw)