Good book about the horde or the orcs?

Im a big fan of the orcs in wow and i was wondering wich book is the best ? I just finished “the rise of the horde” and i loved it! If someone could recommend me one, it would be appreciated

Lord of the Clans is another Horde centric book I can think of.

Maybe Vol’Jin: Shadows of the Horde is another Horde book I can think of also.

The sad thing about Rise of the Horde (or RotH as I call it) is now non-canon with chronicle retconning everything from that book’s storyline.

It’s true and a shame. But OP, if you enjoyed that book the next in the series was Lord of the Clans as Dirona pointed out, which was good. You could look for Thrall: Twilight of the Aspects or World of Warcraft: Bloodsworn as well.