Goldshire Inn--is it always so busy?

I made a character specifically to check out the inn on MG and was surprised to see how crowded and chaotic it was. A fair amount of cross-faction PVP happening just outside, too.

I’ve logged on at different times of day and night and haven’t seen much change…is it always like that or is there some event currently going on?

Hello local tourist. I highly recommend looking elsewhere for your entertainment value on Moon Guard. You likely came to visit our server because of the expansion lull, which naturally leads to a lot of you off-server types congregating there as well. What you are seeing is not indicative of our server, but rather WoW’s dumping ground for boredom.

Also, reset the counter, folks.


Oh, I realise Goldshire Inn isn’t indicative of the rest of the realm. I was just wondering if the inn is always that chaotic, with a ton of convos and interactions all happening at once. It was pretty overwhelming so I’ve not visited for more than few minutes each time.

Because AOL chat rooms haven’t been popular since the 90’s.

I heard a rumour, many moons ago, that said that Gold Shire used to be a popular town RP spot (like Redridge has come to be) and the whole thing started with one person wanting to play a prostitute. The legend says that it became a popular facet of the area that grew into the monstrosity you see today.


For what it’s worth (because I suspect OP is new to RP servers as a whole), most players on Moon Guard and other RP servers use addons like TRP3 to see detailed info about each other’s characters.

I do NOT recommend reading the TRPs of the players in Goldshire. You are not prepared.

But yes-- To your original question, Goldshire is always that busy. If you want something more lowkey, check out Lakeshire or Duskwood. Stormwind is a good in-between that’s a lot less… /cough-- NC-17.

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T’is true. Goldshire was a pretty popular RP hub when I transferred over just after TBC. It slowly devolved over time due to some pseudo-journalist’s article on ERP, which brought a ton of off-server attention to it and that’s about when the hoard came.
ERP actually wasn’t rampant or out in the open, but enough people complained that it got Blizzard’s attention, hence the article. They eventually gave up on trying to police it. Its contained so we try our best not to mess with it.


Ha, I still remember pre-legion when someone had the event buff that turned you into a demon and then blew you up. Someone went in and wiped out the whole Inn. :rofl:

People were also coming all the way to disrupt RP events as well…

I remember on my mg char that I was sitting around Duskwood with a few people in the Grove and just suddenly dreadlord.

Goldshire: a lot of "shenanigans
Article: “Shenanigans.”
Blizz: “You know what… nothing we can do…”
Players: “Dont poke it, its contained, let them have their inn.”


I remember when Moonguard first opened up and Pornshire was still lowkey RP. Like, you could go to the inn and still see the floor. lol

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When I first joined MG in very late WOTLK, my first experience was, strangely… a Gnome telling a completely normal RP tale to people in the tavern.

There were a few table dancers and such, but it was actually kind of nice.

Nowadays the place has its own sort of ‘energy’, and it is… not pleasant. I only go there when DMF is up, now.

Hot take: ERP isn’t the problem with Goldshire. FFXIV has a HUGE ERP scene but it’s handled way more maturely. Night clubs, escort lounges, the like are a major part of RP in FFXIV, often filling up the entire player house on a given night. ERP is handled in a consensual way, and trolls and creeps are easily thrown out. Unless your mentality is “sexuality bad”, the ERP scene in FFXIV is fine.

The problem with Goldshire lies with off-server trolls and the local creeps. Plus, it seems like most people aren’t there to do ERP; people are there to cyber. This clear from the strange lack of organized guilds. If this scene is so popular, why are there no guilds for it? An well-done adult RP guild would be perfectly fine in the community, provided they adhere to a strict 18+ policy and aren’t trolls. Why does this not exist?
The answer: people want a one-and-done experience. Simple as that.

The difference between adult RP and cybering? One can produce fruitful RP if done right, as seen in FFXIV. The other is for…personal purposes.


It has a floor?!

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Seconding everything Tixi said.

I once considered starting up a proper “brothel” guild to do exactly what you described but I gave up on it because 1) it’s not something that interests me, 2) it would take work that I just can’t devote right now, and 3) someone else would do a hell of a better job than I ever could.

That said, “Booty Bae” would be a perfect name for such a guild. /wink


I’ll third what Trix said.

The sheer amount of trolling and tourists however even more then the cybering i think is what gave it such a big rep, most of the erp’ers/ cyber folks don’t bother you if you leave them alone… its the trolls who do, or who proposition everyone who walks in.


Coming from FFXIV, ERP can be done right as noted above. One of my FC members runs a brothel on her other character. Date auctions are fairly fun too and don’t need to evolve in to ERP. It is just a great way to meet people and expand your network.

I hail from Balmung and have been there since the calamity/relaunch. I’m used to trolls being all over, especially in the sands. However, I do warn that if someone does decide to start a brothel group that you do so carefully.

Screen your courtesans - You don’t want to have a minor seep through.

Set boundaries for customers - Some people will only RP certain things. Make a list of what each member is willing and not willing to do.

Drama will happen - either with a customer or Courtesan. End it ASAP.

I highly suggest having members that don’t erp as well, as amazingly, some people just enjoy the story it creates of their character going to a brothel and then fading to black.

Plus the bachelor partying is fun as hell.

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