Gold selling advertisers in game mail spam

So I will preface this with, I have gone through the proper report process already. Nothing is being done. Here is what I reported in my message to blizz via the (useless automated) customer support system.

So i’m playing classic wow. I have been hitting “report for spam” button on the mail gold offers from the same player, < removed > alliance side. I get mail from this guy day after day. I clicked the report player under customer support before filling this out. Low and behold, it just tells you how to report a player’s name in chat, or character frame if you can see them in game. So since you aren’t going to do anything about this player offering gold via the mail system since i’ve been reporting this same player for spam via mailbox button option for over a week… and the report player button under customer support is just a how to for everything but the mail system. Since I seriously doubt anyone will read this and apparently this dude is just going to keep spamming my mail and i can’t do anything about it? Clearly you guys don’t follow through on mail spam claims, which means you aren’t going to do anything about it. So he is going to keep advertise gold selling. I have never broken a rule in the game, in my 13-14 years of play. But you know, when you see this kind of thing get ignored and the rules not enforced… Well I may consider buying some of this guy’s gold…

To be clear, I would never buy gold. But the fact that this message^ will go unread… And the fact you can no longer talk to an in game GM to at least check to see if your reports are being received is a shame. And there is no defense for this player not being banned upon first report. The in game mail he sends to my toon DAILY states that he is selling in game gold for real life currency, where to go online to contact them, and their price ranges. It is clear, out in the open rule breaking. I have been reporting the same player for over a week. Bring back contacting GMs directly in game blizz. Automated reporting is garbage.

Yes it is, but good thing the system isn’t automated.

This what I said in your other post…

The system we had years ago was clunky and slow. Most of the time, people contacted GMs for stuff they couldn’t help with. It’s way better now and a good chunk of the time, you really don’t need to talk to someone to get an issue resolved.

The problem is people are never clear with their tickets or type a novella muddying the issue.

Years ago, it would take close to a week to hear back from a GM, now it’s 2 days at most(?)


A) you want to edit out the players name.
B) it’s not an instant response.
They will take care of this, just not on your timetable.


Alos note, if things was automated, there would be no bots, no spammers and everyone in game would be silenced.


You may very well be getting the same mail over and over.

Report it once, then I’d put that character on /ignore - and delete the mail if it bounces back up in your box.

Reporting mail can sometimes cycle back.


Going to have to completely disagree with your representation of the issue @Ravenhawk. True that people would contact GMs on a whim for things that may not necessarily need their attention. However, let us remember that is literally their job. To respond to community issues within the game world. So say a time frame for hearing back from a GM (an actual person) taking a week in the past was a bad thing, in comparison to the system in place now isn’t the issue (which the current system IS an automated filter). They can simply hire and train more GMs to handle the work load. Do you know how much money blizz-activision brings in from its players?

Natures, the most ‘response’ you’d get in person from a report of this nature - or a ‘community issue’ is - thank you for the report. The outcome is between us, and the reported player.


As I stated in the initial post, this same player has been sending me the same mail containing gold advertisement. If I could have gotten in contact with a GM (even if I did have to wait a week) the problem would have been resolved faster than what I am experiencing now. Fact.

This may or may not be true, if the same email is bouncing back to you after you report it - it could be the same mail. In any case - /ignoring it and deleting that particular mail should be helpful.


They would have told you the same advice that Orlyia did. It would not have been resolved any faster. Fact.

Put the player on ignore using /ignore character-realm


Thanks…just started seeing this type of spam. Very easy to report but will ignore also going forward.

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