Gold Seller Spam in in-game Mail

If we all send them back at the same time we can maybe break their mailbox.

That’ll show em

I returned it too.

I figure that with the way Blizzard is acting these days, even accepting 1c from a gold seller could be a temp ban for “manipulating the game economy.”

I figured it’s not worth it for 1c, lol.

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Lol are you serious?

How is the players job to be reporting the same player offering to sell gold over and over? Like what planet are you living on?

Legit some of the Blizzard bootlickers on these forums are next level


Better to be uncooked than already burned by my own words!
Locate the part for me and i shall gladly read it.

Reporting literally does nothing.

Are we even playing the same game?

So, can you explain this?

Hahahahaha so because Blizzard said that, then they are actually doing something about the reports.

Meanwhile you report the same obvious bots a few times a week and never see them get banned.

Must be the players not reporting enough right? Certainly isn’t the Billion dollar company doing absolutely nothing about the botting problem that’s been in the game SINCE PHASE 1 OF CLASSIC 2 YEARS AGO

Then stop playing?

Don’t know what to tell you dude. I choose to believe Blizzard is doing something about the problem. I’m taking them at their word and am going to continue playing the game on that assumption.

What’s your excuse?

Lol you choose to believe without any evidence, do you also believe in Santa and the Tooth Fairy? The evidence that they aren’t doing anything is abundant. You can literally go and watch the bots out in the open world do their thing.

I keep playing because this isn’t enough to stop me enjoying the game. That doesn’t mean I don’t have the right to complain about it.

Blizzard is a billion dollar company, we deserve better.

Me: “Blizzard bans thousands of bots, they said so.”

You: “But I saw one bot, which means you’re wrong.”

You’re absolutely correct. And it also doesn’t stop me from calling you a petulant child for doing so.

You’re going to take what they give you and you’re going to like it.

I’ve seen a couple that were CODs of a copper.

More absolutely deluded crap.

Of course Blizzard are going to report they are banning bots. What do you expect? lol

How about you go and look for yourself instead of making fool of yourself. Go to Mara, Slavepens, Zul Farrak, or any of the other heavily botted dungeons. Wait out the front and watch the bots zone out, walk to the exact same spot, then walk back in. Or hell, just do /who for any of these dungeons and see the armies of 58 boosted bots with gibberish names and no guild.

Blizzard do ban bots, but it’s once every 6 months when the damage is already done. It’s a drop in the ocean, a PR move that has basically no impact on the botters.

That perfectly sums up Blizz in 2021, more interested in PR than actually fixing problems.


Keep on living in your fantasy bootlicker world I guess

In a fantasy MMO? Yeah, good advice, Sherlock.


You’re supposed to role play in the game, not real life.

But hey what would I know, I’m not a Blizzard simp

Okay, simp! :+1:

Report, report, report.

Someone sent an alt a piece of linen with a COD of 881 gold. Reported him, too.

/ignore then report it as spam, that’s what i do.

They just make level 1 alts and run between bank and AH in SW on our server using say to advertise their websites. Pretty ballsy, I don’t think they fear Blizzard much.