Going to have to reverse transfers

It must seem like everyone sucks when he’s double their level. /s

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You try telling my wife that. If I pull a blizzard and « end suddenly » on her I’m gonna be sleeping on the couch for a very long time… warning or not

The vagueness is intentional, it means stop at any moment for any condition they so choose. It’s worded that way so that you know that it can end at any time for any reason

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While we are encouraging faction balance can we have faction specific queues too?

Really stinks I’ll have to wait in queue tomorrow because not enough horde will go to heartseeker.

Edit: to clarify I’m on Herod and the amount of horde that would have to leave (which won’t) would have to be in the thousands to make things more “balanced”


And blizzard created the problem of allowing horde to be the go to choice for a few years on retail. Did anyone in the classic community seriously not at all consider that retail ideologies and behaviors would bleed over to classic? Especially given a large amount of invested and competent retail players are now playing classic.

Playing Horde is the bandwagon faction.


Playing Alliance in Vanilla was bandwagon faction. Almost every server was alliance majority. I guess what goes around comes around.

Editing my original post after this.

Submitting a ticket worked and was easy. I suggest everyone do the same.

But the question to ask for that situation, “is why did people roll predominantly alliance during vanilla?” I could put forth a few suggestions: the LotR trilogy movies, traditional archetypes, a greater relationship with more overt humanoids (or an unwillingness to test the waters with Horde), the look and feel of the alliance zones if they watched friends, maybe a greater relationship with alliance because pre-scourge Arthas versus Thrall overall, etc.

The point is that the decision had less of a blizzard-influence to it than we currently have these past 3-5 years.


No, you being on a low pop server is what blizz wanted, they need less people on high pop server, and quitting is perfectly acceptable to blizz, they dont need you and your friends specifically, they just need the masses.

Blizz only dropped 8 servers at release because they expected you to quit after a week, you not quitting is really messing with their master plan.


that is pretty freaking lame IMO. as others have said, they should have the modified and used the existing guild-server-transfer feature from retail for this, or at least have planned a new, seperate guild-transfer feature in preparation for wow classic because EVERYONE knew server transfers and such would become a thing with the limited number of servers available at launch.

I will give Blizz this. Their customer service is on point compared to many games I’ve played and in general. I’m sure they’ll make things right.


Sure, other than them using automated banning systems in all their games, never responding to tickets, never letting customers know anything ahead of time (this issue being a prime example), intentionally making the experience more miserable for their customers by doing stuff like decimating factions by not doing faction specific xfers the first time.

Other than that, their customer service is pretty good compared to a steaming pile of dog ****.

Just remember not to mention a certain yellow bear or you’ll get a ban for 100 years- y’know, good customer service.


Are you brain dead?

would it be possible someone who transferred from faerlina to a low pop server reverse the process?

Again, conversation is over as all you want to do is argue a fallacy. Good day.

Are you being serious? Faerlina has the most toxic people in the community. Every pvp event crashes the server and is literally unplayable.

The toxicity is doable but the pvp so far is legit 1994 AOL dial up speed trash.

And yet, blizzard and its apologists wonder why so few people are willing to take the free transfers. Hint: its nonsense like this.

If you think that Blizzard relationship with 4 million players is in any way similar to your relationship with 1 wife…

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I’m curious, if Horde side transfer off these presumably horde-heavy servers were to actually happen, would Horde-side account creation on these servers also be disabled?

Yeah, I came here to kill twitch emote spammers and Asmondgold bootlickers. That’s why it’s so great.

Thanks for proving my point.