Going to have to reverse transfers

Come on over to Faerlina. Dont trip on Thrall BTW, like every other week.

He’s a rug for us, @ will LOL

Since it appears nobody else answered your question.

Open a ticket in game by clicking on the Help question mark icon in the center part of your action bar and click “Open a Ticket” and then fill out the questions to submit the issue.

There’s a way to submit the same ticket directly online via BNET but I’m not entirely sure how to find it in the menus. In-game is the easiest because it’s 2 clicks to start filling out the questions.


Thanks, we’ll give it a shot.


Thank you man

It’s actually a Red Question Mark to the left of your bags depending.

A window pops up. Left hand sidebar “Open a Ticket” at the bottom

A friendly Murloc awaits: <What can we help with?> with a giant box for you to type it allll in there.

You’ll hear from them.


Not sure why they didn’t have the option to xfer guilds across like they do on retail, that way people wouldn’t get left behind.

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I’m sure blizzard will be happy to put the lower pop players back on the servers they cut off. I wouldn’t be worried tbh. Open tickets.


Funny how Fearlina turns out to be the best server in NA.

Balanced, great community on both factions, good economy, great WPvP.

Patience is a virtue, the people who waited through the queues are now enjoying the best server in WoW classic.

Watching all this other server imbalance and population issues is funny. We told everyone that this would happen. Those of you who transferred or tried to escape imbalances making things worse got the servers you deserve.


I agree with you to a point. People’s time is valuable. When members of my guild can’t run dungeons because they’re getting ganked several times before zoning in, it’s something I have to consider. Not everyone has the same available time to play. What’s important is that we all play together and have fun, and not everyone was having fun.

The imbalance in the first place was not our fault, all we wanted to do was get away from the large horde population, not eliminate it. Heartseeker was there, it wasn’t ideal but we took it. Or tried to anyway. I will happily transfer back if they let us, because it seems like horde are transferring off.


My leaving had more to do with queue times than faction balance. I used to be on Kil JAeden Alliance in cata.

At one point it was 90% horde.

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sorry about your loss lv 83 warrior

You’re funny. I changed it, is that better? I was going to change Avatars once I got Grand Marshal again. But who am I kidding, I’m too old to try that grind again.

bless be those who reach thy hallowed rank 14


It’s not fair to blame players for the population imbalance mess, that blame lies with blizzard entirely. They didn’t even have a notice up recommending players to play Alliance on Horde heavy pvp servers or vice versa, they never tried to restrict players from rolling a over populated faction either. They got their $15 from tons of players and that seems to be all that they care about, the game has tons of class bugs that Blizz also doesn’t seem to give AF about.


As a member of the dwindling horde minority on Heartseeker, guilds like yours are the problem.

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it IS a player driven problem, they wanted to be the dominant faction.
¨hardcore¨ people wanted to go horde because reasons and bam , 8-2 H-A in like the entire server launch roster

players created the problem blaming blizzard is people not wanting to reroll or trasnfer


Blizzard still has the control, unlike the players. They could have put a faction restriction until the Aliiance population reached a certain percent, that would have pushed those potential new horde players onto other PvP servers that may have needed horde. Blizzard had some options but chose to do zero about any of it.

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And the opposite is true of my server where Alliance is dwindling. I would firstly blame Blizzard for the way servers shook out, we’ve been left to our own devices to figure out what’s best.

I explained to someone else above that I made the decision to move for my guild as a whole. It just so happened that Heartseeker could have been better for those of us with limited time to play. I’m sorry it’s the opposite for your faction. Without any real help or guidance fro Blizzard, what options did we have?


how do you explainthat to potentially millions of paying players withou tcreating a massive mess that they cannot roll whatever they want , because of population control?

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Certainly a root of the problem was that most pvpers went horde. And now it’s spiraling out of control.

Also, for fear of getting off subject, I’d like to remind everyone to stay focused on the transfers and ask Blizzard for solutions. Like a free reverse for the Alliance that moved.


He’s correct though.

If they told you that the server transfers might end and some of your people took too long, that’s not on Blizzard, that’s on the people who didn’t get moving.

Who is being obtuse now?

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