<GoA> May Return to KJ

Well, as the title says, most KJ players that played in WoD knew us well lol.

We may return to KJ and rebuild the Alliance.

We want you Horde to have some Wpvp fun.

How does that sound? Alright, it will be voted on.

Realms don’t really matter for wpvp now thanks to warmode. And it would make no sense to roll alliance on a horde dominated server (for your own sanity). Roll horde here or go to Proudmoore (also PST time zone), Sargeras, or Stormrage.

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Yes Warmode did hit Wpvp hard. But, I like it when we are outnumbered so many opportunities. Thanks for the response Kalcifer. My main is on Tich Horde actually. But, I have always for the most part been Alliance on KJ.



Dirge#1751 :slight_smile: