Go Get Those PvP Transmogs!


The AB Brawl is out AND it counts towards the BG Weekly quest!

If you have even considered picking up a PvP set for transmog, now is the time to act!

Sure, we’re helping Blizzard train their AI to take over and create a real Skynet, but for now it’s crazy easy to farm marks of honor!

(Hella) #2

Wait its just a brawl where you just fight against AI?

Thanks for the heads up!

(Tsataga) #3

And the AI isn’t very good.

If you cap the outer bases they will just hang at BS the entire game.

The rogue will try to sap cap though, gotta watch that sneaky bugger.

(Sorelai) #4

How do you do the brawl? I could use some marks to obtain season 14 and 15 sets.

(Tsataga) #5

It’s in the pvp tab of the group finder.

(Bluster) #6

The AI is hilariously bad. Although I saw some people in the few I did last night (for the brawl weekly) somehow manage to lose bases to them. Hopefully they will tweak it with the data they get this week.


Anyone mind linking the transmogs? Specifically plate? Thank you :slight_smile:


Oh this is awesome. I’m going to go get about 500 marks because there are a ton of sets I want.

Thank you for this info OP.


I’m currently wearing one of the WoD pvp sets.


You get Marks of Honor that you can use to acquire any legacy PvP set that’s available.


i have a feeling theyre going to nerf the rewards…

(Tarc) #12

This did not deserve to be a full brawl; at best, maybe a 1-2 day mini-event so they could try out their AI. People are going to gimp this thing all week.


O sweet A.I. in a bg setting could help out ques in the lower bracket in pugs

(Grathok) #14

Or just stick them in the twink queues, they like easy target, right? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Fenshire) #15

That set looks incredible on you!

(Praetorian) #16

Also you get 600+ rep for the league of arathor every game so an easy way to farm rep while you are at it!


Thanks! I found the sword on the AH for 30k…the average buyout is around 150k. :sunglasses:


Yea actually would be n8ce to have a training mode for guild teams that want to push ratings . Would help out to learn weak points and strong points within the team


(Bluster) #20

Do note in the above post, any set with the word elite in it is no longer available.