Gnomeregan Raid Lockout Update - Feburary 20


We are aware of an issue that caused some players who became saved to Gnomeregan between 7:00AM PST on Monday, Feb 19th and 7:00AM PST this morning (Tuesday Feb, 20th) to not properly have their raid lockout reset during today’s maintenance as expected.

We are currently investigating this issue and hope to have more information very soon. We greatly appreciate your patience and we apologize for the inconvenience.

– The WoW Classic Team


I think your team missed the Maintenance this morning? Druid is unchanged. Swipe tooltip remains the same. Oopsies!


Thank you for the update!

Aggrend coming into the office to the forum posts about Gnomer:


Did Aggrend delete his very worded tweet about this?

Can we raid Thursday night EST or will we miss a lockout? Confused now.

Tues Wed Thurs
Fri Sat Sun

what is tonyboyswags take on this?

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He is obviously looking for a programmer and shaking him by the shoulders for a solution

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You will miss. You need to raid today or tomorrow or you will lose a lockout.

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Just make the lockout weekly so people who work can schedule things.


Only one thing summons up my thoughts on this: :thinking:

Absolutely unacceptable, any characters that raided Monday need their raid lock lifted asap

No reason for this level of incompetence

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Probably because he wasnt aware how it would actually work.

happens in software

Should just let us run twice a week whenever we want.

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Unfortunately classic raid IDs dont work like that.

Maybe they finally realized it’s better to post in the official forums instead of tweeting on Myspace or whatever it’s called now!


Bugs happen sometimes. I can’t recall a time in the past where they’ve actually changed from one raid lockout style to another for an instance that’s out and released so yeah I’m not surprised they got an unexpected bug.

It’s very acceptable and if you can’t accept it then you stop paying your sub and stop playing. That’s it that’s your only option

You may always see the forums full of complaints, but we do appreciate what yall do.

Did the class updates take effect yet?