Gnomeregan - Door Control Boss Trouble

(Moonbane) #1

Was hoping to find out what strat you guys were using.

I’ve combined strats from Wowhead, Xu-Fu and Hazel’s YouTube guide. None of them really worked for me my initial run through. Thankfully I have a huge pile of of 25 blues and a bunch of snails, but that doesn’t seem reliable. Took me 5 different teams to finally beat the Door Control. Every other fight seemed to go pretty well.

So what’s been working for you?

Also, I keep reading about “scouting” the next mob to see what the random adds are. Anyone know how this works? If I make a team of white H/H stinkers, start fight and run away, will I forfeit the dungeon?

(Ccloudstlkr) #2

hazel’s guide is the best; if ur having trouble on one make sure you try her suggestions first.

(Quintessence) #3

I use:
Scooter the Snail (1, 2, 1)
Silkbead Snail (H/S - 1, 1, 1)
Lost Platysaur (1, 2, 2)

Team hasn’t failed me yet. Can’t remember the exact step-by-step strat I use, but basically keep up Shell Shield and use Dive + Ooze Touch on CD, keep up Acidic Goo and use Dive + Oooze Touch on CD, and then Lost Platysaur to clean up.

To “scout out” upcoming encounters and see what the secondary pets are, I don’t swap my team after the previous fight. So if my Lost Platysaur is the only one left alive from the Door Control battle, I’ll immediately engage in battle with the next enemy with the one pet, note secondaries, forfeit, and then swap my team accordingly.

You can also use a stand-in team of pets you’ll never use in the dungeon to check encounters, and just forfeit with them before swapping pets.

(Moonbane) #4

Thanks for the tips all.

Just did my first “for real” run and Door Control went perfect with Hazel’s 3 pets, then the Leper Rat took 3 different teams and the final boss that I aced the first time took 4 different teams.

This is a pretty tough dungeon. I’m fortunate in that I have hundreds of leveled pets with the luxury of building multiple teams as back up. I imagine this would be frustrating and near impossible if you were limited. I’ll get my coins and all the available pets…then I will never go there again. Ever.

Also, it really does help to build a scout team in Rematch. I used a set of green H/H’s, saw what adds were coming, forfeited the fight, then added appropriate counters to an already saved encounter team.

A max amount of Fel Flames, Pandaren Fire Spirits, Spirits of Summer as well as rabbits with dodge/stampede/flurry and Zandalaris with black claw and hunting party really helped.

(Loncis) #5

It’s interesting that so many people seem to have trouble with it. I wonder if this dungeon adapts and changes more than the previous. Thus far, the Unborn Val’kyr and Ikky have worked on the Bloated Leprous Rat for me.

(Holsteiner) #6


3x snails using 1,1,1 will knock him right down. Don’t use your Scooter, though, unless you have another pet (like the Elekk Plushie) with stupid high health to use during the last battle of the dungeon to swap for Tinytron.

Anyways, yeah; snails are great for the door control.

(Loncis) #7

I used snails on the door just today and they worked, but only barely. I think the last one finished with like 18 health. But, a win is a win.

(Amayita) #8

And I’ve used snails for 4 weeks straight and barely needed the third. shrugs RNG is RNG

(Maizou) #9

The Zandalari Raptor/Rabbit or Frostfur Rat/Water Jetter strategy has worked fine for me 4 weeks in a row.

Though any crit on your Raptor and it’s game over. (I also tried Ikky as a substitute for the raptor as someone on Xu-Fu suggested, but it failed stupendously)

And @Holsteiner, I don’t use Scooter on the last boss. I think I use Naxxy and Pebble. There’s 8 pets that are capable of getting higher health than Tinytron, if you’re curious, two are wild caught and one is really easy to get (zoom). They all have to be H/H breed though.

Elekk Plushie
Emerald Turtle
Scooter the Snail
Shimmershell Snail
Violet Abyssal Eel

And people who don’t use Val’kyr and Ikky/Foulfeather on the Bloated Leper Rat confuse me. You have a strategy that is foolproof and you aren’t using it… why exactly?

(Loncis) #10

Calm down. I didn’t tell anyone not to use the strategy or that it didn’t work. I only noted that I used it for four weeks in a row and this is the first time I’ve come out of it with a single snail at 18 health.

(Amayita) #11

I wasn’t getting excitable or angry? Simply pointing out that RNG will vary for people.


I agree with your comment. One week my strategy wins fairly easily then the next week I’m pummeled.

(Maizou) #13

It is RNG heavy. Just have a few strategies handy.

Snail Strategy: ~
Raptor/Rabbit/Water: ~
Pump Strategy: ~