Gnome Warlock or Rogue?


I’m torn…

how does one decide which of these is the better to main for classic?.

I’m looking at getting knee deep into the PVP thing and both are viable.

Hmmmmmmm, quite the conundrum.


Oops, misread OP.


If you’re looking to balance PvE and PvP:

If you can commit time and want to spend your resources solely on one character, rogue will be the most rewarding, but also the most frustrating. Raid guilds will be harder to find and your experience in PvP will be a lot of frustration mixed with immense gratification.

Warlock is a great class to be able to both PvP AND PvE in one spec, and they’re also one of the strongest 1v1 classes in the game. Raid spots through Alliance are much easier. The class is very versatile and the Undead frustration people talk about is not really that much of an issue for a better lock.

Undead warlocks have to deal with paladins and priests dispelling your dots while Alliance only have priests. Also, you have paladins on your side.

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If your main thing is PVP I’d think about what play style you really prefer.

I’m no expert on either, but i’ve done a few BGs in my day.

I kind of see Wartlock as a ranged chess game. Where Rogue plays more like an action game.

They both have a surprising amount of game theory and class knowledge required to be played to their potential.


I was leaning more towards Warlock but I do like the idea of sneaking around ganking world noobs.

Raiding won’t be a huge factor in my decision as I’m too casual for that and did all that back in vanilla… I’m keen to try classic wow but I’m not going through that part again haha.

Thanks Ezekk, you make some good points.

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Alternatively you stand on the top of a building as a Wartlock out of range and cause Lakeshire to become a no-go zone.


Ahhhhhh it’s the world PVP I miss most about vanilla…

Fond memories of being Horde, finishing our MC for the night then we’d drag who was not ready for bed over to Sentinel Hill or Lakeshire for some fun.

You ring the dinner bell and eventually the lvl 60s would start turning up… so much fun.

I really hope that aspect of world pvp returns in some way.


Knee deep is as high as a gnome can attack on any class. :sunglasses:


Destruction begins to shine in 1.12, depending how friendly your healer is.
Healers hated life tap. For some reason it is viewed grudge healing word of warning for those that dare .
Combat Rogues were always high powered i think until the start of mop (I might be wrong it wasn’t till much later in mop they became killing machines again)
spec deep in combat and go mace for stun locking goodness (that may have been a BC thing too long ago and things blur together)