GM oversight

Am I the only 1 that’s getting silenced or banned from the GM on AP for using the word “pve’er” and “so bad”… no curse words and never used it towards a specific player as in a whisper… literally as a /s “so bad” and bam silenced or banned… Am I the only 1 noticing the “Karen” mannerism being praised by blizzard and their GM’s. What has happened to this video game?? What has happened to the “competitive” part of gaming and what year did playing video games to lose become a thing? I wish I was lying about the “pve’er” and “so bad”. When I talked to a different GM he almost laughed and said I have seen much much worse not sure why he banned you for that. I have the screen shots to prove it. GM oversight is needed in W.O.W… Or a proper system in place to oversee GM’s decision to ban or silence someone’s account they paying for when they not clearly violating Blizzard rules… A normal conversation can be perceived as “ruining someone’s gaming experience” this little loophole needs to be monitored!!!