GM for in game tickets

Hey looks I’m wrong, tho it may be time to add a bit of a personal touch so people believe you guys actually exist.

Funny thing is that people who don’t believe facts, likely would just write off any “personal touch” as some sort of AI. Tinfoil hats are cheap after all :wink:

But my favorite is that tickets are not instantly answered (so people complain) and then when it does take a real person time to look into the issue, they’re still considered a bot/automated/etc. People need to make up their minds, are tickets instant and as such automated? Or are they handled by real people, thus the totally obvious queue, which takes real people time to get through.

If you’d like to provide feedback to any tickets you’ve recently had answered Khlause, you’re best to use the survey attached to the ticket. That survey goes to the employee’s supervisor for feedback.


I can’t join a BG with some of my characters, I can join a que(next available only) but they never pop>

It could be no one is playing that bracket or not enough people are playing.


Swifteagle likely has the right of it. In that case? There isn’t anything a GM can do, as the issue is a player-based issue. If there is no one else or not enough people queueing up? Then there is no queue to pop. Assuming these characters are not maxed? And are they Retail, TBCC or Classic?


That would be a development issue, gm staff could not have answered for you.

However, development was working on it, I’m not sure how much longer it will be.

It’s often over looked, but they do add some personal touches when possible, people solely seem to focus on the template used when providing feedback. Templates are not bad though when addressing similar issues.


I can see why they might use a template response, but too frequent of use is also not a good thing because the response is incoherent often when related to the ticket.

I work doing online chat support. 60% of my responses are either macros or copy and paste because it makes no sense to type the exact same thing 100s of times a day.

Impersonal responses does not mean it’s not a real person on the other end.

High volume CS requires to streamline things to keep the queue times down.


I understand your point, but the customer (ME) sees incoherent answer number 31 and says “this is a crappy bot”.

Some of us interacted with the in game GM of the past, and contrary to the claims by the above blue my experience with the GM’s of the past were both swift and good. That same quality level of service is not present in game now, the copy and pasted responses might seems like a good idea, and I understand why you might do that, but it’s not a good look for the company you represent.

In a world becoming more and more automated and operated by automatons it’s wise to be a human and show every day you’re human because humanity is a fleeting thing.

I’m glad to hear that Khlause, truly. I know there were periods where wait times were very short, and chatting with a GM during those periods was a nice bonus interaction. But when people ask “why did that change”, it’s because more often than not the wait time was not that short :frowning:

If you ever feel that is lacking from the responses you receive, please do fill out that survey. There were so many times when I was trying out new messages that a survey helped me see “no that’s not really working like I thought it would” and change it up.

I know I’m kind of really beating the “survey” point but soft skills are very helpful in support roles. I can’t over state how useful the surveys were to me in developing those as a Game Master.


I get this is you trying to drive in a point, but the OP is who we are trying to focus on here. We have no control over how they operate CS. We can provide our feedback in the appropriate forums, of which this is not one of them. The surveys, GD. If it’s in reference to dungeons or PvP or whatnot, then it can go there.


Well if they indeed help as much as you say then next time I’m I am in need of in game support I’ll make sure I fill out the survey.

Is there text box to describe anything that might not be covered in the survey? Often survey miss features because some things aren’t considered when the survey is written.

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Yup. There are the usual “Rate on a level of 1-10” questions, but then a text box at the end where you can elaborate or offer something not covered by the questions.


Excellent, thank you!


We’ve changed some of the questions over the years but this is what the survey looks like in its current form.

In WOW it should pop up as an icon next to your map after a ticket is resolved, but you can also access available surveys from your case history page:


Awesome, thank you much. I didn’t ever bother with those before but I’ll do so from now on.


Templated responses on text-based customer service are an actual thing and they have nothing to do with laziness or incompetence.

The fact is that templates work. Not only do they keep answers consistent across hundreds of thousands of responses, but they actually do provide solutions to a fair percentage of the people to which they are distributed.

It’s just confirmation bias or ignorance of fact or a narrow scope of vision that leads people to believe these weird conspiracy theories.

If numbers were published, it’d look something like this:

Incoming CS requests → 12,407
Template responses sent.
Successful resolutions with template → 3,657
Requests still needing attention → 8,750 (a reduction of about 30%)

Thing is, the 3,657 people for whom the template did work don’t show up anywhere - here, Reddit, Twitter, Myspace - talking about how they fixed their problem by following advice in the template.

However, the 8,750 can be very vocal, and they’d have you believe that templates are garbage, they work for no one, Blizzard is lazy, yadda, yadda, Bob Loblaw.

Anyway … yeah. Having sent thousands of templates in my day, and seeing first hand how many problems they solved, I can guarantee the overall tech support / customer service experience is better for them. If I had to type out a response every time I needed to tell someone to cycle their modem or check their password … my god, I never would have had any time to troubleshoot issues that actually required me to do repair or actual work on my end.


Regarding the comment above:
“Hello IT.
Have you tried turning it off and on again?
Are you quite sure it’s plugged in?”


It would be really funny if the GMs made a 10-man team just to pvp against this guy.

exactly, thats what i meant by those days are gone

Yeah, That’s one of the main reasons ticket times was weeks long to get an issue resolved because people wanted to talk to GMs about jokes and general nonsense… It why things was changed.