Glyph of the Lightspawn - GLitch?

Just wondering - with the new talents holy can take shadowfiends yet the glyph of the lightspwan cannot be used in that specilization?

glitch or just a simple oversight


I’d call it an oversight, but that would imply that there was anyone at Blizzard actually paying attention to the class in the first place.


I’m hoping they fix it, doesn’t make any sense for all three specs to not be able to use it.


Its not just priest. Warriors cant use the thundeclap glyph if not specced prot even though its now a class wide talent.

It would seem to be a change to glyph interactions across the board that they will presumably make later, or havent yet with the intention of making spec specific glyphs for each ability later, if they actually remember that glyphs exist in the first place.

I was just coming here to rant about this oversight. As a Holy priest wouldn’t you think I would want to make my shadowfiend look differently lol


I came here to post the exact same thing. I have access to the shadowfiend so just seems right that as Holy I should be able to make it a Lightspawn