Glove Texture Bug

Bug: Multiple glove slot items (ranging from T3-T10) have random textures applied from the shoulders to the hands that are layered over the chest slot item. This bug seems to only effect raid dropped items since the release of Ulduar.

  1. Log into the game/PTR as any character.
  2. Unequip all items.
  3. Equip any T7 glove item to see bug.

Yes it looks terrible and I guess they won’t fix this for months.

God I hope they fix this soon. It looks so ugly! Not sure how they random added a texture to all the gloves.

Once you see it, you can’t unsee it

Any update on this? While it may be cosmetic it’s still extremely annoying to see. I can confirm It’s not just T7 gloves that are doing this; I’m seeing this with offset gloves and T8.5 gloves as well.

Looks like it’s fixed, we can finally play the game lol.

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I don’t think its fixed I just logged in and mine is still the same

Late yesterday, we fixed this with a hotfix.

But earlier today, we unfixed it.

The reversion of the hotfix was done so that we can address a separate bug.

We plan to re-deploy the fix for this glove issue as soon as possible.


is the hotfix going to fix the graphics sliders going all the way down to 1?

Hey, just wanted to chime in that I noticed this issue too and was about to post something about it until I saw this. I thought it was on my end but I guess it’s happening to everyone. I even went into my old screenshots folder from original Wrath to make sure I’m not crazy and that there is extra textures showing up on the arms that weren’t there before.

ETA on this getting fixed again please and thank you! This gray texture is so ugly!


have not been fix on warlock

Still not fixed :worried:


Appears to be fixed ty blizz

Well, Kaivax, would you say the gloves are off, eh?

Yeah that was terrible. I’ll just leave now.