Glimpse from Fel Rush?

Do you get Glimpse from Fel Rush? I never see anyone get the buff from it but on the arena forums players like to say you do. Do you get it but it does not show up on buffs?

Vengeful Retreat. The fel rush in the opposite direction

Yes, you get it from Vengeful Retreat. The Fel Rush in the opposite direction.

People keep saying you get it from Fel Rush, the Vengeful Retreat in the opposite direction. I do not believe this to be true.

You dont get it from Fel Rush.
You get it from Vengeful Retreat

I know you get it from Vengeful Retreat. I don’t know why you keep saying that.

I asked about Fel Rush. You should have just said

The other stuff you said made it seem like there was a language barrier or you were on drugs or something.

I wonder why I keep reading that you get it from Fel Rush too on the arena forums. I guess they are just typing anything to try to get them nerfed.

I keep saying it because you’re not accepting it.

It was answered right away. And you kept asking an aswered question

Accepted. Opposite of not accepted.
The vengeful retreat in opposite direction was question not answered right away. Strange wording… Lol.

You said

Which is what you get glimpse from and that is true. I didn’t say you didn’t. But that does not answer if you get it from fel rush. You forgot some words there to answer that question. Which you used in your second response

It does.

“Vengeful Retreat” was a correct and full response.

You said Vengeful Retreat. Everyone knows you get it from VR. That’s what the tool tip says. Then you said Fel Rush in the opposite direction.

Fel Rush is not Vengeful Retreat in the opposite direction. Because Fel Rush does not give you Glimpse. Nor does it make you fly in the air. Fel Rush does damage, VR does not. VR gives you damage reduction, Fel Rush does not.

They are not the same thing but one goes forward and one goes backwards. Which is what you said. I think you must have been on drugs and could not think clearly enough to type out a response that made sense.

That or even though you play a game where you spam keys, were too lazy to type something that was correct and made sense.


I won’t bother with you anymore. You can type a response, I will never read it.

You should take a break from the game if youre taking it this literally