Given new Druid form customization, make artifacts class wide

Simple as. If any Druid can xmog their forms in any spec into any Artifact Weapon Form unlocked, it is only right and just that all classes be allowed to use any of their artifact weapon xmogs across your class.

Furthermore! For the love of God please just remove the wand shooting ability so we can xmog wands into artifact weapons to begin with.

Also! Please let other classes that uses 1 handed weapons xmog to any 1 handed weapon they can use. As it stands for my warlock it’s dagger to daggers or sword to swords.

Thank you for your time.


We already can, its available to all your druids at level 100 like all artifact weapon appearances. If you mean by all specs, that’s been announced for 9.0


That’s exactly my point lmao if druids can pick any artifact form in any spec, all classes should be allowed to xmog into any artifact too.

This is currently NOT in the Alpha. I, as a warlock, in my Affliction spec, cannot transmog to skull of thalkiel (demo artifact) on live or in alpha.

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Yeah… OP said that in their post.

I agree with everything you said OP. Still salty I can’t use the MM bow as anything else, or that one sweet priest staff skin as shadow. Actually all of them were sweet, if I’m being honest. And shadow got shafted with a dagger and off hand.

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Artifact Appearances

  • They’re looking for Artifact Appearances to be used for every spec of the class rather than for the specific spec.

:smiley: called it

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I wonder if that means I can hold my brewmaster staff like a brewmaster and be a Mistweaver. :thinking:

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I just want new fur colors to go with the new hair colors.


This would be amazing. The brewmaster over the shoulder staff is badass.

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