Give Worgen Tails

Instead of tails why are we not asking for lore correct height, more scars for human and worgen form and fur colors, as well as combat human form like the dracythr? I mean Genn did it during the stormheim fight for a good chunk of the fight in legion on Alliance and Horde campaigns. Yet Ion said that’s not possible yet its been shown otherwise with legion.

We are asking for all of it as Worgen are the core race with the least options. We want the tail to be optional and added to lore via an event. We want the lore correct 8 foot size. We want black fur, scars and other options like roses in our hair. We want melee classes to have the option to use those vicious looking claws to fight with. We want Blizzard to treat Worgen like they are a real race in the game instead of the cannon fodder joke of WoW. We want a different human dance and some Gilnean customization for human form to say we aren’t just Stormwind humans.

Worgen druids would also like real druid forms rather than lazy night elf look alike. Give Worgen pack form rather than kitty.


Give worgen tails and Gilneas.


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Brah…if Worgen were a Horde race they would of had tails 10 times over by now.


you mean this one?

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The suggestion that it’s “against established lore” for Worgen to have tails is one of the most over-used and irrelevant arguments in this thread. Until recently, Tauren didn’t have antlers, trolls and orcs didn’t stand up straight, and elves didn’t have multiple eye and skin colors to choose from. Such things can, and do, change.

That is EXACTLY what players are asking for; to have the appearance option to have it both ways. We want it it to be done in a manner that allows those that don’t want to change to stay as they are.


Folk upset about options for us always seem to miss the “option” part.


Current lore breadcrumbs heavily suggest the Forsaken will be leaving Gilneas.

I don’t know what Worgen and Night Elves will do with the green zombie goop but it appears as though Gilneas will be reclaimed.

I’d assume they’ll either use Druid magic or the Forsaken will clean up now that they can easily.

Well thanks to the forsaken and the necrolords, we basically now know how to get rid of the green goop… just feed it to a green goop. :smiley:

So if another blight bomb happens, which will likely never happen again with Sylvanis out of the picture, we now have a sure way to get rid of it even without the forsakens help.

Need green goop gone? Say no more, call me today and I can send out the necrolord cleaning service to get rid of any blight you need!
Warning: Results may lead to a giant blight monstrosity, we are not responsible for any damages that results from a giant blight monsters rampage.

personally I have no quarrel about people wanting tails - it just seems that some people here are contradicting themselves when they complain about Worgen “Not being Lore Accurate”, but at the same time demanding a feature (a cosmetic one tbf) which is not in the lore. Comes off a bit hypocritical.

Let’s say that it’s an added option, how does this cosmetic option make sense with the race? why do some Worgen have tails and others don’t? Is it a blessing from the Wolf God? Would that make it something that has to be unlocked?

If it’s an unlocked cosmetic, would it make sense that Worgen starting in Gilneas or as a Death Knight have it?

Or are we just going to do a retcon and pretend tails were around the whole time?

That’s actually something I’ve pointed at Blizzard should do a lot much like the dark ranger, night warrior, golden eyes, ect. We’ve seen Goldrinn is just hanging out in Duskwoods now. So why not go up to him and ask him for a blessing after all we’ve gone through over the years and seeing the afterlife of where it is he goes to every time he dies.

We’ve seen that races can get more than just their heritage armor quest this last patch, so why not have a bonus quest for worgens as well that leads us to unlocking a tail option.


Why argue?

Its an optional request, that doesn’t affect anything if it is or isn’t in the lore.

And it not being in the lore is questionable given how often its shown on worgen in everything except for WoW itself.

The only time its ever been “lore” confirmed was from a writer who regularly gets lore wrong compared to previous lore, so retcons things often, and a dev who also regularly retcons things.

WoW isn’t some lore monolith. They change things like that all the time and when they literally affect nothing, I don’t see the point in the argument.

If you’re expecting the devs to put in the time and effort to explain something… you’ll be disappointed. Dark Rangers on Void Elves for instance. Easily explainable several different ways but they’ve said and given us nothing to explain it.

In every case yes.

yeah… cause why not? Changes literally nothing. A tail on Genn right now wouldn’t change a thing that hes done, said, acted upon or been acted upon him.

Its literally cosmetic and means nothing else to anything.

Its like the additional skin tones for belves or humans or what have you. It needs absolutely no explanation.


Worgen have never been the lore correct size but the moment we ask for an optional tail the lore critics are like… NO YOU CANT HAVE THAT MUH LORE! Thats why I use the Lore correct 8 foot size to say… you know it would be nice to see that as well. But it something we are denied for some reason.

And if they were elves, too, no doubt.


Hate to tell you this but posting this is in vain. And like the Rolling Stones once sang, “You can’t always get what you want” Not going to happen, and you can take that to the bank.


So anyways, Give worgen optional tails Blizzard.

Make tails an option. If the human body can go through such a change of the face the least it can do is add a tail for a counterbalance to the hunched forward running.


“But if you try, sometimes you get what you need.”