Give Worgen Tails

I really question why Mag’har orcs get different tints for their heritage armor, but we didn’t get the bloodfang tattoos.


Give worgen tails


Worgens look great without tails. Worgens are more humans than wolves. So, no tails for me.

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When you compare every other core race in the game to Worgen you start to realize just how little options we truly get.

5 Core Options:

With the only one with a fair selection of options be eye colors:

Fur Colors:

Face Looks:

Hair Styles:


And Eyes:

Don’t get me wrong everything about the HD model is 5000000000000% better than what we used to have but when you compare it to the options of the other races we get almost nothing. Worgen also have the issue that the looks are so small and unnoticeable we all mostly look the same. The only way you notice the difference in the face look is if the Worgen player is using the white fur, same with hair. Its not true hair styles only some small braids to the side of the head that change and some look so similar you cant tell the difference.

And that is fine that is why we want it to be optional. If you want your monkey butt Worgen go for it. However they do look off balanced without a tail as Digigrade legs are normally supported by a tail to offset balance. Look at your own Draenei and image what you would look like without a tail. But like I said we want it to be optional for everyone to choose if they want it or not.


I don’t think they look as good without tails as with, but I’m also not going to use tails on all my Worgen when we get them.

We’re looking for it to be an option not something forced upon you.

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Here’s a perfect example of that when you look at just the core options. Worgens compared to a Orc. The face/hair styles options is small compared to our human counter parts, even some races have MORE than double the options we have ourselves in those categories.

Pretty much everyone in this thread, even the people against tails agree that they did a fantastic job with the new model. Actually gave a lot of us hope for the future, especially when they promised every core race would get a huge amount of new options. Goblins got TRIPLE the amount of new options compared to us worgens, and even more than double the new options for each catagory, and they got the new model update the exact same time as us.

Hopefully we get new options in the next expansion. People throw out a lot of unique requests we could get and help us be on par with the other races. Here’s a great thread detailing a bunch of stuff we could get if Blizzard actually listened to us.


Just friendly reminder to #GiveWorgensOptionalTails


Still holding out hope Blizzard has at least seen this. Who knows maybe one day they will post here to admit we Worgen players exist.

Crapping on a playerbase that has been pretty active in trying to help you guys isn’t going to get you anywhere.

Really we are not but we hardly even get a footnote in game at the burning of the world tree. How many Gilneans died for the second time the horde drove them out of where they were living. Yet the race is still ignored by Blizzard and treated like a non entity.

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But hey, at least we got to go be part of the warfront…


Blizz did kinda ignore the Gilneans in the whole ordeal.

4 more days.

Hey Blizzard, if you wanna do something funny, don’t even announce worgen tails. Just have a split second of a tailed worgen in the trailer along with other new customization designs like bearded trolls and glowy hands nightbourne and such. Let us figure it out ourselves. ;D

Just like the Legion trailer where you showed off a split second of all these different artifact weapons and weapon skins.


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Here to continue the support.


in what way as I never said anything about the player base but rather the dumb stuff the developers have done. Meanwhile I’m still routing for worgen tog et their tails and not be skipped over yet again

hmm I can’t with ppl lately man. So many LACK respect and empathy. Not to mention the ppl who wanna climb over ppl and are greedy. Nope.

We need more John Lennon’s - see the song “Imagine”.

Or south park song " imagination "

I’m not sure who you were intending to reply to, but the post quoted is doing nothing of the kind.


Give worgen tails blizz and the option to be Shaman, lore is not an excuse as an NPC already exists.


I want my floofy tail. Give tail.

Also black fur, thank you.


psst hey you ya you Blizzard how about giving Worgens optional tails you know what I am talking about so how about it please.