Give Worgen Tails

That’s why i play feral, but cats are really mean IRL. literally had a personal episode of Family guy like experience with a cat.

Cats are kind of a built-in comedy show, because cats seem to naturally like me and resultingly I cannot comprehend a fear of cats… Even though I know they can be irritable and have claws.

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Yeah, they’re more intelligent and have better memories but as a result are also far more sensitive than dogs.

I’m allergic to cats, so i have dogs lol.

I did live with cats though at one point, not of my own discretion lol.

Furries keep the alliance alive and are the most outspoken and passionate among the alliance.

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I would very much like to see a tail on my worgen. :slight_smile: :wolf:


By the time next Blizzcon hits, this thread is gonna hit, or nearing 10k replies.
The people have spoken Blizzard, worgen customizations is so bare bones and boring compared to the other core races and what they received this expansion.

We want a OPTIONAL tail, so if you don’t want a tail, you can have it off. :smiley:
We want actual hair styles much like the alpha worgen models that got scrapped just before Cataclysm released.
We want straight back male worgens.
We want a option to have the normal worgen voice much like Celest the Harvester.

There’s so much a lot of us have requested, even a dedicated thread that goes more in to detail on all the stuff the worgens, and wow community in general wants for worgens.

If we’re lucky, they will see the huge backlash from their comment during Blizzconlie and actually push to have more customizations as early as 9.1.5.
Only time will tell. I will say thought that out of all the different request threads outside of the blood elf ones, the tail thread has had a lot of support from so many people in the community from Alliance to even our friends in the Horde.

Here’s hoping we will get tails by the end of the expansion, and if not, as early as the next expansion!



Bumpity bump bump!



Its what we can hope for Cow. :slight_smile:


We get our optional Tails yet?

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Give Worgen more butt and then give them tails!

You reminded me of something and i took a look at the first trailer of BfA:

Look at Genn especially at 3:40: He is not totaly straight but almost.
Knowing that just few months after the release of BFA we got our updated model… why the hell didn’t we had this option if it’s in an official material?!?


also before that he is standing almost fully straight as well when they all charge

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Also let’s not forget the Hearthstone Darkmoon Faire promotional art. It has a worgen with a straight back, that also has a tail.

And before anyone says “It’s a mistake.”, keep in mind, you can buy this very same art piece that has a straight back tailed worgens in the official Blizzard Merch Store right now. ;D You would think they would have removed the tail before putting it on sale in their store, but nope. They kept it. I wonder why… :thinking:


I am muting this stupid thread.

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your not for additional options for customization for worgens?

That’s nice. Want a cookie?

The need of the many outweigh the need of the few. ;D

Out of the 100+ people that have entered in this thread, only like what, less or around 10 have been completely against tails? Only like a handful have been super hardcore against it.

Customization goes a long way when it comes to players and their player fantasy. They didn’t have to add in the boneless undead options, but they did, because it’s something that some of the players wanted. Same case with straight back orcs. You actually had people that were actually against it at first. Can you imagine if Blizzard caved in and said no because like 20 or so people in the forums said they didn’t want it? You end up undermining the needs of a larger majority. A perfect example of this is the alpha worgen models. You had very few people actually complaining about it, and what did Blizzard do? They changed em literally weeks before release simply to please a crowd that wasn’t even gonna play them in the first place, thus ruining it for a large majority of the community that were all for the alpha models.

More options isn’t gonna hurt anyone. If anything, it will improve the relationship between the players and the devs.

Also remember, we are asking for OPTIONAL, as in you can have it on or off, tails. If you don’t want it, awesome, just like straight back orcs or b o n e l e s s undeads, you can choose to have it off for your character while others can run around happy with their new options. :slight_smile:


Out of all the things that have been added to the game I will never understand why adding wolf tails to wolf people is crossing the line.
Give worgens tails.


I’m wondering, why don’t Worgen have tails?

Give Worgen tails.



Right? I can’t really understand those who are really against it…

Don’t want it don’t use it…