Give Worgen Tails

Why not both?? :fox_face: :heart: :wolf:


The Light has spoken.

RIP Caelus’ forum account, give worgen tails

The idea of furries comes partly from werewolves, too. Like… what do these people think furries are?

Anyways, give worgen tails, please.


Tails will make worgen look better, blizz pleaze.

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Just leaving that here.

Nah, knowing you, you’ll continue to lurk in this thread as you always have been and wait for someone to mass report with your Discord buddies like you openly admitted to earlier in this thread. You just don’t like the fact that your arguments have been countered tenfold. So please, spare us your condescending attitude, you have no actual constructive criticism or argument here.

In before she sends her little Discord friends after me for this reply. LUL


Is that what happened to Caelus?


oh Boi here we go again. Furry this and furry that :roll_eyes:


You don’t have any links until your third post and the one in question was your tenth post in this thread.

Also from how it all went down you seem to be missing the point.

Not all concept art has to show tails for the request to still be valid.

Hell none of them can show tails and its still valid.

Folk like the idea of a tail for their worgen. So they request. Valid reason whether you agree or not.

Keep requesting what you all want to see!


Yup, and a couple of others, including myself.


This is my response to that.


Like, what. - Oh wait, automated system gets you if enough people report you >_>

Yuuuuuuup. This is why automated systems are bad.


Hey add me on btag! I wanted to talk with ya. Wolfie#1352

Not what happened but okay.
All I said I was linking people to the thread to laugh :wink:
And I seem to remember a few people on this thread ACTUALLY saying “lets mass report this guy” to like 3 different people.

Sure, I warn you it’s a bit inappropriate cause I also play on MG and it’s a bit of a joke and I actually do have to apologize to you when I do do it :frowning: I’ll tell you more when I add you though. Pls don’t judge the name. It’s completely misleading for memes :V

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Worgen should have tails. Most Werewolves have tails. Only the weirder ones don’t. WoW isn’t so bad, but they’d be better with tails much like the new-model wolves.


Just like how you’ve posted all your resources/links on your first post on this thread when it was actually your third, right?

I just can’t take you seriously at all. The attitude your text resonates… just, yup. You can be against tails all you want but all I am going to point out is how many people have given a like on the original post of this thread.

Plus, it’s hypocritical to be accepting of one change that was never in WoW (the elf skin tones) and then rejecting another request for the same reasons. All I’m gonna say.


Never said I was.

I’d like at least the option for tails for Worgen. I always thought it was cool idea to give them tails. Even if its not “Lore” friendly that thing that’s made up and changed at a whim. I don’t care really for the ears on top of the head. Though I’m always up for options so why not. The snout changes could be a good option. As you pointed out with the vulpera. Heck even the Goblins can select their nose now or well when the pre-patch comes. Also the solid black fur would be great and more hairstyles/Mane-styles.


This has been requested since cata. How is this not a thing yet?

Upright orcs have been requested since Thrall’s new model appeared and that request was granted.

It feels like forever that the forsaken were requested to hide the bones and now we are about to get that option.

Time for a tail option for worgen. Well passed time.