Give Worgen Tails

I have heard it’s not ideal but I haven’t had any problems with it.

That being said… Add optional tails to worgen! Dracthyr get all these cool options, and every other race is left in the dust. The least they could do for worgen is give them optional tails since there’s official art with some having tails!


Worgen really deserve more customization. Having all the human options is good but our actual main form which we are usually in 99.99% of the time doesn’t have much. All I could change on my DK was her fur color :frowning:

  • More fur colors! And separated markings and underbelly color like Dracthyr.
  • Tails! Optional tails and different sizes and styles!
  • Accessories, piercings, scars, etc.
  • Straight posture option on males. The hunch ruins transmog and I’d like to stand tall.
  • Usable claws in combat.
  • Wolf-like eyes for human form to make them look more cursed.

I’d love worgen to have some love, along with some other races who really didn’t get much customization added.


I like your thoughts Blood Elf.


You forgot the lore correct size but I’ll let it slide this time as I like the cut of your jib. Next time I’ll skin you alive and hang your guts from the high halls so please don’t forget.

Now on to the important part more options in general. I vote yes to any and all changes and will personally eviscerate anyone who votes no. Jokes aside it’s long past due for Worgen to be shown some real love.

P.S. Blizzard for the love of all that is holy stop being lazy with the human dance. 3 races now use the same dance but you yourself programed more that one into the human model. Give Worgen the waltz in human form and come up with something for Dracthyr Visage form it screams lazy to have 3 races use the same dance.


C’mon blissard give tails to the worgen

This thread is still going on, and we are close to reach the 10K view (Even though it will be mostly symbolic)
Don’t forget the list in this thread: Worgen Customization Mega Thread

Remember that we, the worgen community, are as resilient as the High elve community so keep it up until we got something satisfying! (And there’s a lot to do).


if you can get to 20k you will get the 1st tail

I want a tail! That would be cool!


what about 9 tails like the pokemon>

guys I don’t think we are getting tails… one of the dracthyr jokes is “I showed my tail to one of those wolf people…but they just looked sad and walked away. I wonder why!”


honestly that kind of ticks me off. oh we know you want tails here have a joke mocking that you dont have them.


I’ve never felt so insulted for playing this game before this. It’s just pathetic and in the most poor taste I think I’ve seen in a joke or flirt.


10/10 on the dracthyr joke

Now we know this will never happen, a good move finally


this just in: being disappointed now equals being offended.

more news at 11.


It’s more that instead of appealing to both the crowds, they make fun of one of them outright, completely missing the fact that Worgen form has the least amount of customization of literally any race on this game, to the point it’s not even a contest.


Dont Give UP! Frick them but we will have our tails.

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No its more then that this joke pretty much says you’re never getting tails because then this joke will make zero sense. Its a forumn for 2 years almost 10000 posts and never a blue reponse just a screw you joke from the new race. Its in very poor taste to a community thats been asking for something.
Edit I am definetley not offended I’m just mad.


Ah, like the poke quote Umbric had making fun of the folks who wanted Alliance High Elves? We know how that turned out, so just keep going honestly. Eventually (Even though if Worgen were ‘elves’ they would’ve already gotten the change) I think we’ll see tails for customization options.

Pretty telling of Devs mocking of players wants though if they don’t add it, would like to know what dev was responsible for that joke.


The thing they technically don’t have cuz they’re called void elves

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they can look exactly like high elves in all but name lmao

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