Ghostcrawler Says Forum Critics are Wrong

Do you have any evidence that BfA is faring better than WoD did or are you offering personal opinion as fact?

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Why would I offer evidence to something I didn’t say?

Fairly sure that is what the first quote meant unless I misunderstood.

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You said this:

So I said this:

Then you said this:

Then I said this:

Then you said this for some reason even though I have not said one word about BfA:

So yeah you’re confused.

Example the people crying over BFA demo being so soon after its launch, claiming its proof game is dead, when literally every expansion has had the demo very soon after launch, wotlk was only 10 days after.

I think I do need to explain more what I meant here then. The forums are a great gauge of activity because it shows people are actively talking about the game. However if you were to try to discern the “state of the game” purely from forums you’d go mad, because the forums naturally are a bit more pessimistic. I’m not discounting any of the hundreds of feedback threads I read a day, there’s value in those and those players could be right. However that doesn’t mean the state of the game is necessarily bad because the top threads say so. That’s one avenue, of one demographic of players, that is most definitely not the majority (by a longshot), but these are passionate players that understand the game.

When I say its not a great judge of state of the game, I mean holistically how you’d assess it. It’s just not enough data. It’s can be very validated and opinionated but it’s not enough to decide if the game is good or bad, because according to the forums its more often than not always “bad”. That’s just how it is and has been for over 14 years now.

Sorry you feel that way but your posts are not a waste of time.


A CM who is honest about the game/community. I like you, have some cake.

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So if I say for example that blue is the best color in the world, am I right or am I wrong?

See the thing is, arguing with someone over whether or not something is “fun” or not, is like arguing over what the best color is. Everyone has their own opinion(s) about things they like, and things they don’t, and just because someone posts their personal opinion(s) about something doesn’t mean they speak on the majority of the playerbase. Please realize this. Always think to yourself, “This is this person’s opinion.” That way you can present your own opinion(s) about what YOU find fun, engaging, boring, etc. without anyone disagreeing with you or accusing you of speaking for the majority.

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Where are the millions of players? The new captial cities are almost always nearly empty, and I’m not running into other players much on emissary quests.

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You can still complain about an expansion that’s actually good. Legion had its fair share of problems - Lotto Legendaries were horrible, a system truly as bad as Azerite gear for different reasons. That being said, on the whole, Legion was a good expansion and it will be remembered as such.

If you think BFA is a good expansion and will be remembered as such, you need your head examined. Some people complain about all the parts of it, but me, I see no point as the sum of all parts of it is the pile of donkey feces we currently have.

Where did I say this?

Where did I say this?


Edit: actually, I’ll say the second one now so you’ll be half right.

If people can now be praising an xpac that had no dailies, was told we weren’t going to get flying, it’s first major patch was for Twitter and Facebook, and lost 40% of its player base all before 6.1…

… in two years they will be praising BfA.

I don’t think the foundation can be fixed when the building is still on fire. Basically there are only minor changes they can do given all the limitations and possible ways this can further go into a death-spiral.

From what I understand of their design flow they fix some of the issues in alpha/beta in major content releases then say ‘look at how much your feedback has helped us’. Rather than taking up the issues in alpha/beta where they should have been dealt with (possibly) because of resource (financial/manpower/etc) limitations. When bottom line becomes more important than a quality finished product you start having these issues.

As an aside you see this issue frequently in early access games like Starbound. Feature bloat, lack of a cohesive vision, financial constraints all combine to create a nightmarish mess of over-promise and under-deliver.

I’ve liked all expansions except WoD… but I found something to do that was fun so I was still subbed

Complaining about legendary drops is a FAR CRY from complaining about ADMITTEDLY UNFINISHED specs like S priest and shaman.

Buckle up, this will be WoD 2.0 sub drops with MoP 2.0 story lines.


“enough”…no, not in and of itself. But it is most certainly compelling evidence. To act like it isn’t is willful ignorance.

Quantify this. In any possible way imaginable, excluding some self-therapeutic sense of catharsis nonsense. Demonstrate to us, the actual paying customers that are the reason you have a job, that our feedback is NOT a waste of time.


What exactly do you expect from a Community Manager? Do you think they’re going to POOF your feedback into existence in-game right freakin nao?

The Blizzard forum readers are compiling and forwarding your feedback. What happens from there is never an instant satisfaction. Some things suggested make it into the game - Years later. Game dev is a slow process.


As a business owner … it’s not the customers who complain that are a problem … they are a godsend becuase you can identify problems if needed and correct them … it’s the vast vast majority of customers that have problems and never bother to tell you and just never come back that are a problem for businesses

Only about 3-5% of customers with issues will ever complain the rest of customers with issues just will never return … ever… and advise friends and family not to become patrons as well

So Suits, Devs, and players alike should appreciate anyone that takes the time out for a decent,y well reasoned rant on the game in this environment

Becuase there is no exit questionaire when you unsub from this game which boggles my mind as a business owner why they would not …


… or they simply don’t care enough to vote on the video OR they do not care at all. You cannot honestly say that the ‘silent majority’ disagree because they would have disliked the video. Apathy is also a valid response.

Can you recall a time a CM has ever actually proven that honest feedback gets results in a timely manner? Usually it is ‘lets cut our losses work on this idea for the next expac’ rather than delay the content cycle to fix/flesh out an issue while it is still apropos.


Good news…