Ghostcrawler Says Forum Critics are Wrong

Very well said, thank you

Changes in communication don’t happen overnight, especially in large studios. Again it’s the truth not an excuse, but that statement will be seen as an excuse. Like I said last time I’m not gonna get on here every time and say “You’re right we’ve been bad at communicating, we’ll work on it” and promise to work on it, only to say the same thing again a few months later. I’d rather just do it instead of talk about trying to fix it.

We’ve made some progress and outlines of things we want to start doing and we’ve made great ground internally figuring out how to solve this problem. For Bornakk and myself as Community Managers it’s our number one focus. If all goes as planned things will just start happening and it will be the end of replies like this. I know you all aren’t seeing the results of this yet but we’re still working on it


I personally feel that he is correct. Having gotten sephuz and then prydaz as my first two legendary items, which both then sat in my bank for months since a ring 55 Item levels lower was actually stronger due to the terrible secondary stat scaling combined with how important it was to have the correct secondary stats since they were worth more than mainstay for many people, and then you had other people with best in slot legendaries doing 10% or more dps above you just because they were lucky. People getting sat because they don’t have the correct legendary and do forth. At least the azerite system doesn’t cause those performance disparity issues.
I absolutely HATED the legendary system at first. That system was worse for me personally than every single issue that BFA has combined. And there were some other big issues by the way such as storm, earth, and fire being completely broken for the first few months of Legion, Legions first raid EN was terrible compared to Uldir, you couldn’t main swap because artifact knowledge was absolute trash for alts… etc.
For me personally the BFA launch has actually been far more enjoyable than Legion’s, and I can see it becoming just as good or better than Legion ended up if they fix the issues and add more quality content.

You do not speak for everyone.

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Release the sub loss numbers I dare yall! The difference between the past complaints and now is the complete arrogance and ignoring of feedback showed by the devs and the resulting huge sub loses for BFA prove it…

You can sugar coat it all you want but the bottom line is BFA is a flop and the game is losing people in droves.

Blizzard has been saying things along the lines “We have failed but we will strengthen the communication between us and the players” for literally like 10 years at this point. The only thing we get are Ion and Lore reading softball questions for 25 mins every couple of months.

Actions speak louder than words.


That’s my point and I also called this response in my post. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well I said “months” and “Alpha” which started almost a year ago but hey I guess go ahead and make an example of my post to say something like “changes don’t happen overnight

No one is asking you to pounce on things immediately, I’m certainly not. And I’m not even referring to you, really, as much as I am the class devs. That is where communication suffers the most.


Not intentionally trolling here but, feel free to start doing it. I realize you aren’t free to communicate whatever you want, whenever you want. But if you are the only person working the help desk, the you are the only person we get to tell this stuff to.

Its a poor system and the people that suffer are the CMs and the players. Empty promises are empty.

I would legit like to see this. Community engagement ala Grind Gears Games is a big reason why I will be playing more and more PoE. Seeing the lead Devs doing podcasts on stream and taking REAL questions from the streamers and chat is SUPER refreshing. Those Q&As with Ion and Lore are an utter joke compared to things like this, and I suspect you know that…


Welp, I’m sorry to disagree in this time (although I believe that you aren’t incorrect on saying that people will always complain)

But I’ll raise you this, as a metric (which is actually shown in your financial reports, so it does matter to you, also I’m also using the same sources you used on your financial report), While I cant compare MaU and DaU, and I’m pretty sure you won’t release them until the latest quartely results, I can assume they are dropping again from empirical evidence in general, and data I can squeeze from other sources (although not official)

www . githyp . com / world-of-warcraft-104241/?tab=viewer-count

WoW right now is in the 5th worse position in history, compared to other games in streaming, with the worse patterns on loss of viewers in % in WoW’s history (although method officially streaming the race inflated some of the numbers to be 100% frank, but still), and it keeps going down and down for december…

You can dig into data to further proof concept this isn’t a coincidence comparing the last expansion around the position’s of views (remember streaming became more and more popular as time passed), and you’ll see the only times WoW was in this spot, Was on daught of content (last 3 months prior to expansion releases) and for 1 single month in another draught of content before a major content patch (which isnt exactly coming since most of the 8.1 content is coming on january)

I also have empirical evidence, where I actually lost 4 guild mates, due to a bug on lockouts, that gutted our progression entirely (we were doing a regional race), and I have never seen it happen since cata (due to back then lockout bugs from 10 / 25 man) and the official blizzard responses where… “Well that might be a bug… report it and better luck next week” (or next tier if you understand the consequences of half a week of raiding in a racing being lost means)

So I’m sorry, I’m checking my bnet friends, my guild and everyone in general, and NEVER in my 10 years playing WoW I have seen so little people online in my bnet.

So tl dr, yes people sometimes can exagerate on the forums, however trying to sugar coat a situation that is dire (even the same data you present to investors shows that) is not a good practice, WoW right now is really in a delicate position, and I can bet that views and interest are still going to keep dropping even on 8.1 launch (with probably with another race increasing in january).

Maybe understanding why that is actually happening and taking some actual detailed feedback, even on bugs, and fixing some systems that are hurting the game (which to be fair have been happening but at a a pace you’re losing more players than you’re being able to save) might be a better idea.


Hey we are actually in complete agreement here!

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Bah!!! Why did you have to ruin it by telling me!?!? NNNOOOOOOOOOO!!!

=) cheers dude

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I’d be willing to bet big amounts of money that this info has already been gathered and analyzed, likely by our lovely CMs. The feedback was then presented to the Dev team and a possible fix was outlined.

That outline was run thru the Activision trade marked “ROI Matic!” and returned an answer of “literally not worth fixing now, apply bandaids till next expansion.”

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While I would like to belive in you and grant the benefit of the doubt, I have 3 instances in WoW history that make me skeptic on believing that, one is the warrior feedback back in WoD where the equivalent of warrior discord, made a thesis on fury changes, and why they were bad…

It was 100% ignored, and when asked about in a Q&A the devs didn’t even know that post (which was one of the most upvoted posts in WoW history) existed.

Even after that, took months to adapt the changes or even test them to fix the spec.

The second one was on legion beta feedback where celestalon openly said to the equivalents of discord data nerds again and top tier brewmasters… “That they should learn how to tank monk and they were wrong” just to actually have to do the exact changes suggested by them 6 months into the expansion (the post was made 2 months prior to the launch)

And the 3rd one, was the actual feedback from this expansion on class changes, with yet fixes for most classes even though we gave them feedback and even the discord communitys actually gave outline on every single class that was broken with suggestions and went as far as sim and give options on gameplay fun and healthiness to the game.

So again… I’m skeptic… I miss the blizzard that would actually look up to the data wizards of the game and how they detailed information, and sometimes even hired them (Ion hazzikostas is the perfect example), I’m sad to admit, but it really looks like there is a clear disconection, and yes the CMs and Ythsens have good intentions and you can clearly see them trying to do their parts, and help, but the gap between when that happened and nows just grow bigger every single day.


And to be fair and honest, if hiring a data wizard worked to the point of him becoming game director of the current game… maybe its time to take a look having a closer relation to them again

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Maybe they have.

The problem lies in the fact there is precious little ELSE.

LFG/LFR is just an easy answer for people’s laziness. It has no place in any good MMORPG.

No modern MMO exists that does not have an LFD system. If it’s as bad as you say, why do the others have it.

It isnt.


So… a system that was hated back then is being remembered fondly compared to the current system that is implemented in the game right now… a lesser of two evils if you must. That should signal how much of an issue is there with the current azerite gearing system.


LOL confirmed. That is a rather annoying bug.

LFG/LFR is a game design approach to try to reduce the churn rate of player, by trying to integrate new ones and letting them experience a slight version of the content with some time constraints, while I do believe that in general that has a community impact and psychological effect (My masters is a bit close to impacts on behavior and learning and game design practices) I believe that they are necessary to keep the game afloat

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And those who haven’t played Classic and want to try it should realize that there is no LFG or LFR so if they wanted to get inherently better at the game they can’t sit idle in Orgrimmar or Stormwind waiting for a queue to pop and play with complete strangers only to forget about them.

You do know why LFD exists?

The Classic model proved that when you leave content control in the hands of players, it will be abused. When guilds control who sees what, people lose out.