Getting to New Dalaran from Stormwind?

This might sound like a stupid question but is there even a way to get to Legion Dalaran from Stormwind any more since the portal in the Petitioner’s Chamber seems to have disappeared? I know we have a Dalaran hearthstone for it but if that’s on cool down is there no way to get there if you don’t have an order hall that lets you teleport straight to said order hall?


The default Portal destination for the Broken Isles from faction capitals is the Crumbled Palace, in Azsuna. From there, I believe Dalaran is a flightpath that is automatically unlocked, though I may be mistaken.


Use zen pilgrimage, go down stairs, and take the portal to legion dalaran.

This helped, thanks!


OP, nah, it’s not a stupid question, but this dude has it right :smiley: You can travel to Azsuna from Stormwind Portal Room; the old expacs are across the hall, but the 3 newer expacs have portals to Kul Tiras, Broken Isles and Ashran (Unbroken Draenor) really close to each other. That’s the one you want; from there you can fly to New Dalaran in a jiffy. :smiley: GL HF ^^,


Blizz thought a portal to the middle of nowhere in Broken Isles was more engaging.

Edit: just saw this was a necro from months ago. :woman_facepalming:t4: