Getting to Argus for the 1st time in bfa

Hi, I tried searching through the forums, wowhead, and youtube. I am trying to start the argus storyline to try and get void elves unlocked but I can’t quite seem to get started with it. I read that I need to talk with the archmage in Dalaran but he is not where he was at in the youtube videos. I made a fresh 110 and I have been doing some bfa quests but I was hoping to knock some of the argus stuff out of the way. Any help on how to start would be great.

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First go to Krasus’ Landing in Dalaran. At 110+ Khadgar should be there with the other order leaders. He’ll give you the intro quest for the Broken Shore, you’ll have to do that first. It’s skippable though if you’ve done it already on another character.

When that’s unlocked then go back to Khadgar in the Violet Citadel and he’ll have a quest called The Hand of Fate. That’s the Argus intro questline and will set you up there.


The requirements for getting to Argus are account-wide too. One of your characters has to complete the Broken Shore scenario.

Once you have that out of the way, you can do the pre-requisites with Velen and hitch a ride on the Vindicaar to Argus.

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I seem to remember a quest that would pop up on screen telling you to go to stormwind harbor, that would take you to the exodar. The text would have a picture of a glowy naaru on it. On a couple of my alts it wouldn’t come up until i had left dal and returned to it.

That quest has you getting on board the Vindicaar and starting stuff up.

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Once you do get to Argus doing what others have said, the grind should be very quick. With the boost that they gave to legion rep, it only took me 6 days to unlock Void Elves and Lightforged Draenei at the same time (from neutral!)

Good luck

So I did do Argus on a horde character way back in the day with artifact power and such. I don’t see Khadgar in Krasus’ Landing at all so that is wher I was getting confused on my alliance characters as I can’t seem to start it up.

Go to violet citadel then if you’ve already done broken shore and have the achievement. Khadgar will be there to give you the quest that takes you to argus (hand of fate)

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Cool. Thanks!

Can your horde character see the teleport pad that gets them to Argus?

EDIT: as per Tyerin’s and Asana’s posts above, I would have suggested going to the Violet Citadel.

Awesome, that was it. thanks!

How much of the quest line do you have to redo/when can you stop to have the port in dalaran ? (as soon as you are on the vindicaar ? later ? what’s the last quest you need to complete ?)

Edit: looks like if you have “Alone in the Abyss” you can already stop, you have the portal at the bottom to go back to dalaran and thus the portal back to the ship as well (and abandon that green quest if you’re 120 and your goal is to do legion raids)

His goal was to unlock void elves. He would have had to do the entire Argus questline to do that.

I found that thread by searching for “getting to argus bfa 2019” so I think the information I added is useful, in addition to OP’s goal, as I mentioned " [if] your goal is to do legion raids"

(also you can probably do the whole thing just doing the 1000 rep tokens for VE)

In the 2 months between when OP made this thread and you responded to it, they should have unlocked everything. It doesn’t look like they did though…

THANK YOU SO FREAKING MUCH!!! You just saved my freaking life with this info!