Getting Our Butt Kicked In Northshire!

The quest’s name is “The Clessington Will” - familiar with that one? Ol’ Cless gets an early advantage hitting us with a 15 second stun - that one.

When I checked Wowhead, there was really nothing there that was of any help, but… one of the NPC’s keeps asking for a coin. Is he asking for one of the few I have in my bags, or what?

My level 70 Frosty has an iLevel of 428, but we can’t seem to make a dent or get a good “killing zone” inside the chapel, so does anyone have any suggestions?


Hey Jonas! Long time no see. It’s been awhile since I did this quest myself, so I checked out Wowhead to refresh my memory. Once you are stunned, you need to use your human racial ability “Will to Survive” to remove the stun. If you don’t have it anywhere on your action bars, it should be available in your general spellbook. I hope that helps!

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Marwenna, thank you so much for the assist in this quest. I’ll sure use that ability when I return to Northshire in a bit. Have a great weekend and a fun game!

Edited To Add: It worked, it worked!!! I should have carried that ability on my action bars all this time, so your advice solved TWO problems, Marwenna.🩷:wink::+1:

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