Get Up to 33% off Select Game Services

Get Up to 33% off Select Game Services

It’s a great time to dive into daring adventures in World of Warcraft® by making the most out of 33% off select game services through May 7.

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I’m just gonna say it. I want a class change service.


I would race change to a dwarf if i knew i was going to play an earthen.
But until i hear their voice lines, i just cant commit.

Fancy extending the sale until thats been datamined? Lol

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You do it for free

Called rerolling

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Why do you guys never do a 100% off


The prices are normally too steep. I feel like you might do better by making this change permanent.

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Is the boost still ilvl 424 or bumped up to this tier equivalent which is 463?

Nah. Doesn’t keep my reps or professions intact. Nor quest progress for that matter.


I’d prefer to have access to multiple classes on the same char.

Like, 10 sec respec to change from Arms to Mistweaver.


Glad to see I’m not the only one. I can’t play ztrolls and mag’har for this reason lol.

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Yeah it just feels wrong playing with your character set to silent.
And if youre going to be hearing them nonstop, its got to sound good haha

And even things like jokes and flirts which you never hear anyways allow you to connect with the character more.

I know its a small thing to get hung up on, but it can make a big impact on how the race feels to play.

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A sale on race changes right after announcing a nerf to a popular human racial.


Gah, if only my Paladin could be Pandaren I would race change during this.

If it was popular majority of these forums would be human characters

You could always buy it now and just save it until they unlock more race/class combos.

why not give a 75% off on all currently available costumes?

still too expensive. maybe 50 percent discount is better :slight_smile:

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The article says 424, so it looks like no update.

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Oh my rich twin. Gift one for me.

GREAT!!! Now the WoW Token will be 400k gold. lol