Get rid of spell batching & melee leeway

but I’m good at being a memer

also the classic wow devs disagree with you - spell batching is here to stay friend

Thank you again for confirming that it was not in Vanilla and it is a change in the coding.

If you’re defending this current implementation you’re either a troll or just so bad at the game we can disregard you either way.

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womp womp is what i hear from threads like these


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That’s not an option dude…

Leeway was a bit of code in Vanilla WoW intended to be 100% undetected by the user of the game.

Leeway’s soul use was to correct for bad internet connections and slow net hardware in order to make playing melee classes possible.

Here in 2019 it’s not a need, we can play melee classes effectively without such game alteration.

ARTIFICIAL spell batching in Classic WoW is not the same, I played Vanilla and it while there are 2 things that still “Batch” in the vanilla way that I have observed Sheep & Sap, the rest of the game is broken because of the artificial batching.

I assure you this is not the game experience mechanically that we had in Vanilla, and that’s all anyone wants.

Spell batching in vanilla worked differently because it was using a REAL 1.12 client with a REAL 1.12 server and a 100% dedicated server that shared no resources with other systems, and had 2004 era high speed business rated high speed internet serving much slower of the era internet connections.

As a result of those of the era things, Vanilla batching while a little amusing at times played a lot more responsively than this game does, and Warriors were not able to CHARGE / INTERCEPT me at 40 yards, nor could they hit me from outside my dead zone…

Here in Classic 2019 things are a mess, it’s broken and Blizzard just needs to give up on both of those broken functions because they’re not working out at all.


but they’re not going to do any of that given the fact that their design intent from the get go for Classic was with Spell Batching in mind


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If they were going to include “Vanilla” spell batching then they should have done exactly that…

This is not how it played man, it’s not even close.

FD trapping without scattershot was nearly 100% reproducible in actual vanilla, but in Classic 2019 its not because this artificial batching that works very different from actual vanilla is not working at all properly.

IMO it’s better to eliminate a failure mode that’s artificial than let it persist in damaging classes that depend on precision play.

Right now, playing a hunter in the way we could in Vanilla just is not possible due to this horrid artificial spell batching.

And every bit as bad is Leeway because in actual vanilla it was a system designed to be invisible to the user, something no one would almost ever detect…

Stuff like deadzone kiting a warrior or deadzone kiting a hunter; not possible in Classic 2019 because LEEWAY breaks that very detail oriented component of game play.

Artificial batching is also causing auto attack to BATCH after a player or ncp breaks trap; I then get hit no joke 50+ yards away when I was simply trapping them because I could not be bothered to fight them.

Dude the game is broken, and the state of quality is both depressing and embarrassing.

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dunno what to tell you my man - we’re gonna have to agree to disagree - spell batching is working quite well for Paladins in all areas and working as the devs intended to replicate Vanilla for us

Maybe they can make some special code specific for Paladin play but dear god man they gotta fix the rest of the game for all the other classes that are getting screwed in a VERY NON-VANILLA way…

This is not how the rest of the game played for the other classes man; I know you love your paladin play and I respect that but overall the game needs to be healthy for it to survive.

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He just doesn’t care because his playstyle is so simple it doesn’t effect him. We can disregard the input of these people as they aren’t properly equipped for the discussion.

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I would have hoped that Theloras of all people could appreciate the importance of nuanced based game play and the micromanagement of the smaller details.

womp womp

this is literally what the devs said Classic would be like - they even had a sticky post about melee leeway saying that it was how it was like to their internal 1.12 reference client as well as a sticky post for spell batching

if you don’t like the way it is performing, then I can’t help you

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Running a game system on the wrong hardware changed the outcome of the test.

What is important is to duplicate Vanilla wow, and Classic WoW 2019is failing to meet that standard.

You of all people should be in favor of true authentic game play beyond just what a paladin can do.

plz tell that to everyone who says that Reckoning was either patched out in Vanilla or an exploit lol

like this guy lol

Blizzard attempted to do so, but it was never eliminated in Vanilla, that’s why BLIZZARD changes the way Reckoning worked in TBC.

It doesn’t take a genius to work that out.

Seal Twisting says hold my beer

Today a rogue vanished about 3/4 of a sec into my mind blast cast. I proceeded to mind blast him out of stealth because the vanish didn’t go off on the right server tick. I’m not against spell batching, I love simultaneous actions having affects, but it DOES need tweaks. The current batch rate is too slow by about 25-30% imo.

So I have done some tests after observing some very odd non-vanilla behavior with break in damage CC.

The first observation was my own traps not breaking on damage, I then wondered how many shots could I put into a trap before it breaks.

The result was basically the damage was meaningless, and it was a timing thing.

If you trap a target after the first damage abilities land you have just one global to deal as much damage as you can before it breaks.

As a result you can flat delete enemies who’re trapped, blinded, seduced, sheep, gouge, sap etc as long as your group coordinates the damage.

One global is 1500ms, but I suspect the actual number is 1200ms.

Approximately 4 batches before CC breaks.

Because of how burst oriented PvP is, this is game breaking.

Pair this with melee who’re able to also not you from absurd ranges that almost never happened in actual Vanilla, and the game play goes from some of the most interesting and nuanced game play to easily the most boring.

Every great game finds its depth in the nuance and details.

Artificial batching and Leeway kill this depth and nuanced game play.

The melee leeway is only a problem for hunters, and it’s a double edged sword if you think about it. What if a druid shifts out of cat form to cast rejuv on themselves while carrying the flag. It makes them easier to catch up with, and/or land a hamstring on, right?

The spell batching on the other hand doesn’t feel vanilla at all, like it’s tuned too high. I had a 60 hunter (Discoillness on Kel’Thuzad and later Wyrmrest Accord.) So I do know that FD + trap was a pretty easy and commonplace trick, that shouldn’t be hampered by it if the spell-batching was tuned right.

There is a lot more wrong with leeway than just for hunters, it impacts all range classes and nuanced game play that work against dead zone kiting.

Dead zone kiting is possible in Vanilla vs the following classes.

Hunters, Rogues, Warriors.

Because of Leeway it’s not possible to practice this skill based technique in Classic WoW 2019 because melee range is absurd.